Week 92 – Curico, Chile

Hey ya’ll.

This has been a great week.

So to start off, we had interviews with Pres. Harris. It was great. My interview was pretty good. We talked about goals and plans. President is a great guy. I really feel that one of the biggest things that I have changed about myself in the mission is the principle of goals and plans. Ive learned that by setting goals, and writing them down, and then being integral with my plans that i set for the goals, I can do things that I didn’t think I could do before.

Also we did intercambios this week, too. I stayed in Bombero with Elder Borrero. He’s dope, he’s from Ecuador and has about a year in the mission. We were able to teach some good lessons together and talk to people on the street. Our zone is just straight gringos and ecuatorianos, and then one pino (aka, filipino, my comp!!!)

Also, unfortunately, we are still in winter, and it poured rain this last week. Luckily, the boots that Mami sent me have saved my life!!!

Me and Ramos are doing great. I love this guy. He is so funny!!!

Anyways, I love you guys so much. Have a gret week!!

Elder Halverson


Week 91 – Curico, Chile

Hey guys,

This week was a fantastic week. The coolest thing that happened was definitely the fact the Vitalia got baptized on Saturday!!!!!! It was so great. She is just so awesome!!!! She was actually a reference from a member from another ward, and the friend came to the baptism, and it was so cool. She was just so happy. Vitalia’s two kids also came, Natalia and Rodrigo. They aren’t too interested like in our message and whatnot, but they really loved the baptism of their mom. Also, there were a good group of members that came to support, so that was just awesome, too. I love mission work. Even though I haven’t had that many baptisms in the mission, I love seeing someone deciding to follow the example of Jesus Christ through his Gospel. I know Vitalia and her family will be blessed as she continues faithfully in enduring to the end.

Also, this was my first week with my new companion, Elder Ramos. He is super dope. He is this little guy from the Philippines. He has about a year in the mission. He’s just a great comp. He’s very thoughtful and a funny guy. We are getting along really great. Actually, yesterday (Sunday) we made root beer floats to celebrate the baptism!!!! (I sent the video). Thanks to my mom for sending the root beer!

I GOT THE PACKAGE TOO!!! It was so great!!! Definitly so unhealthy, but I loved it. The boots came real handy too, because it poured rain on Sunday! I freaking love the salt and pepper grinders! I make breakfast tacos every morning for breakfast, and I love the feeling of grinding salt and pepper on top.

The six pack is coming in, too!!! I can see 2 squares on top, just below my pecs now!! The thing thats hard for me is getting rid of the love handles, but unfortunately the root beer floats and the candy aren’t going to help with that;). But a pesar del frio, I still go ham on the exercizes in the mornings.

Today p-day was pretty fun. We played soccer on a really wet court, and then made food Ecuatoriana. It was dope. we made chifles and tortilla verde. They were tasty. Basically now, we’re gonna finish writing, then I’m gonna buy some more yerba (mate) and then we’ll buy food for the week and head back to the house.

Now that we can’t use google hangouts (per our mission president changing the policy for our mission), I do kinda like just writing big letters. It’s less stress without the chats, and I can just think clearly and write. I am a fan.

Also Dad (I’ll write you a personal letter) but I FREAKING LOVED THE LETTER!!! Me and Perry read it when we got home last p-day, and we loved it. I forwarded the letter to him and also to another missionary who wanted the letter! Perry calls it the pearl of great josh!!! haha. It was super great.

Anyways, that’s about it. I realized I was a noob and I forgot the memory card of all the pics of the baptisms but I’ll send you the pic of the activity and of the root beer floats.

Love you guys.

Have a great week

Elder Halverson


Week 90 – Curico, Chile

This week was pretty great.

We have been working really hard with our investigatores, Vitalia and Rodrigo. They are super great. Vitalia is going to be baptized this SATURDAY!!!!!!! We are super pumped. Rodrigo, her son, still has some doubts, so we are still working with him, but Vitalia is super great.

Also this week we had intercambios. I went with Elder Garcia, who is my SON (or rather I was his trainer, or first companion, in the mission, but in mission slang it’s said father and son) and I went with him to his sector, which is a little pueblito that’s called Licanten. It was great. We pretty much just contacted all day. Then the next morning we woke up early, and went to a GYM that they have there. I have no clue how this tiny little sector has a dope gym but it did, so we went to work out. It was soooo dope!!! I am so pumped to lift weights after the mish. I am pretty weak, honestly, but I didn’t do as bad as I thought I would, ha ha. I’m gonna get swole when I get back tho.

Also we have changes tomorrow. The good news is I’m staying here in Bombero Garrido again!!! But sadly Elder Perry is leaving and going to Pichilemu to finish his mish. My new comp is going to be Elder Ramos. He is from the Philippines. I don’t really know much about him, but he has like a year in the mission. I’ve heard good things about him tho, so I’m pumped, but for sure bummed to send Perry off. We had a really great change together, and he was for sure one of my favorite comps.

Anyways, that’s about it. Love ya’ll. Have a great week.

Elder Halverson


Week 88 – Curico, Chile

This week was great!!!

We had zone conference this week. It was good. We talked about revelation and the Holy Ghost. We studied a lot from President Nelson’s talk about revelation. I was really inspired.  I bought a prayer journal to write down things I feel after I pray, and it really has helped a lot!!  I feel a lot more the influence of the holy ghost now.

It’s still super cold here in Chile. But the worst is now it’s raining!!! Classic chilean winter, but I’m going hard. I heard a quote from the bishop of an elder in my zone that said “the last 6 months of your mission are when you really earn the hot wife points!” That has definitely been my motivation, ha ha! But we’re still working hard.

I love Elder Perry.  He is a stud. We’re really good friends, plus we work hard together. He goes home next change so I hope we stay together one more change, so I can kill him (that’s mission slang for being his last comp before he goes home).

Anyways, the mish is dope!!! I’m loving it here. Have a great week. Love ya’ll

Elder Halverson

Week 87 – Curico, Chile

This is my start. I’m gonna go hard on the letters. I’ll start doing voice recordings for you too.

So I guess to start off, I ONLY HAVE 3 MONTHS LEFT!!! Lowkey, I’m a little trunky, ha ha. Ever since the mother’s day call, I’m definitely excited to see you guys and start life, but you also better believe that I’m gonna bust my butt these last three months. I’m going home with no regrets.

Elder Perry and I are great, also. I feel like we’re doing great together. Even though we’re both old in the mission, we’re working hard and getting some success, so it’s great. He dies next change so I bet he stays here and I go. Then I bet I’ll stay wherever I go for my last two changes, then I’ll head home. I’m fine with that. I kinda want to bajar as zone leader. It’s been good, I enjoy it, but I would like to be district leader one more time. I realize that I actually like teaching the district class every week, plus as zl there’s a lot of verification and extra things to stress about. But I find dl is simple, but cool. I wouldn’t even mind being just a normal missionary.

We watched the devotional from Pres Nelson last night. I loved it. I was super impressed. I really love Pres Nelson. I don’t really remember too much about the transition from Hinckley to Monson, but I really am loving the transistion to Nelson. He is just a stud. I think honestly he’s already my favorite profeta. I love the invitations he did to the youth. I hope HANNAH is involved in those!!! He really is trying to help the members of the church.

We’re pretty pumped about the upcoming baptisms with Vitalia and Rodrigo. We have a couple other peeps with baptismal dates, but we’re still not 100 percent sure with them. Vitalia and Rodrigo are for sure, but we have 2 others that we’re not sure. I’ll let you know as we get closer. Hopefullly they get dunked too.

We’ve been trying to get into good shape for when we come home, too.  We have a couple buckets filled with cement and we have made our own ghetto weights, lol.  It’s fun.

Anyways, I hope this was an improvement. I’m going to continue improving these next couple weeks but just know that I love you and I’ll be praying specifically for you, Mami. Strength this week for you all.

I love you,

Elder Halverson


Week 85 – Curico, Chile

Hey guys,

This week has been great.  It was week one of the new change, and it was a great start.  We had a little zone meeting where we set goals and plans for the change.  That was fun, then the next day we went to Consejo de Mision, that was up in Rancagua.  It was pretty solid.  I got to see a bunch of my friends.  That was an all day thing.  We got back at like 10:30 at night.

We also taught these really dope investigators named Vitalioa and Rodrigo.  They are really great!  They are fechal bautismales for mid June and they’re really progressing a lot.  We’re really excited about that.  We didn’t teach hardly any lessons to investigators, it was a ton of menos activo lessons.  But we’re trying to get the ward more involved to hep us with that.

Anyway, that’s how the week is going.  Elder Perry and I are doing super great.  I love this guy!  Really hard worker.  He’s from Draper, Utah.  We’re definitely getting along great.  We have some bold goals for this change, so I’m pumped to just keep going.  The one thing that does stink is that it’s so cold now!  Winter is coming and here in Chile it is pitch black by six o’clock.  We see our breath every morning in our house when we wake up as there is no heat or insulation.  And it just keeps getting colder!

Anyway, that’s about it.  Hope ya’ll have a good week!


Elder Halverson

Week 84 – Curico, Chile

Happy mothers day!!!

It was really great. Got to talk to the fam and whatnot. Really great experience. No tears! :). I do love my fam and I am grateful for all my mom has done throughout my life. She has had an amazing impact. I love you, mom.

Update on changes. I am staying in Bombero Garrido another change. I’m gonna be with Elder Perry! We were already together in a trio, but now Elder Theiss is leaving, so its just me and him. That is gonna be a lot of fun. Elder Perry has one more change than me. He is from Draper Utah.

Everything else is great. Sorry, kinda a short letter, but I gotta head out.

Have a great week. Chao!!!

Elder Halverson