Week 101 – Curico, Chile

Hey guys,

So this has been a pretty solid week. My companion and I are really working hard to work with members. We’ve been trying to invite the members to accompany us during visits so that the investigators can have an immediate support. Because of this, we had a lot of people come to church yesterday! We are teaching this old couple who in the beginning was just listening to us no mas with out doing anything, but now we are going to lessons with an hermana who is her age, and then yesterday they came to church!!!! So that’s dope.

Also, I’m trying to learn a new language! Theres an elder in my district, Elder Nuarte, and he’s from Paraguay. So there they speak two languages, Spanish and then this language called Guaraní!!! It’s the language of the Indians of Paraguay. It’s super fun. I’ve learned some phrases, but now I’m trying to learn the grammar, because Nuarte and I talk in Guaraní and no one understands us, ha ha. It’s pretty fun.

We also went to Licanten this past week to have a Book of Mormon activity. Basically, we have a big sign that has questions like what happens after death, etc. And then we talk about the Book of Mormon. It was pretty fun. We talked to a lot of people.

This is my second to last p-day, so next week I’ll send you guys a big reflection letter.

Anyways have a great week.

Elder Halverson


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