Week 102 – Curico, Chile

So this is my last p-day in the mission. This week is going to be pretty nuts.

On Wednesday, two area seventies are going to come to give us our zone conference. Then this Friday, we go to the mission office in the morning to weigh the suitcases, and then in the evening we will have a couple of trainings about autosuffiency and a scripture study with the mission president.

The next day, on Saturday, I have my final interview with President Harris and then we go to the templo!!! That’s going to be so great. I’m way excited for that.

Then on Sunday, we can pick one of the churches in the city of Rancagua to go to. I didn’t serve in any of the churches listed so I’m just going to a random one that one of my mission friends was in, and also I’m going to call a couple of members (Hermano Willie and Hermana Ingris!!!) to see if they will be able to come to that ward!!! Then in the evening we have a fireside with president and hermana Harris about marriage and adjusting to home life.

Then on Monday, we are going to the mission office to pick up our suitcases and go to the mission home to have the final lunch. Then we have a little testimony meeting, and then we take off at like 4 to go to the airport, and then our plane leaves at 9:30.

In reality, I’m excited to go home and all, but I’m really leaving a part of me in Chile. This place has become my second home. I love this place and the people with all my all my heart. I passed through the hardest times of my life here, but more importantly I’ve experienced the joy of being a missionary and sharing the gospel. I testify that the things I have been able to share these last 2 years are true, because I have been able to get to know them, share them with others, and apply them in a way that I never have before. I testify that the key to happiness is obedience and hard work. I have learned to love the concept of goals/plans.

I have grown to have a relationship with Heavenly Father. Through sincere prayer, we can narrow the distance between us and Him. Before the mission, I never thought this was possible, but I’ve seen it here. As we repent for our mistakes(big and small), we will feel more satisfaction in EVERYTHING we do.

I hope to be able continue putting these things in practice after the mission. I don’t want the mission to be my spiritual high, and then crash after, rather to keep building on these lessons that I’ve learned. I love the mission, I love Chile, and I love this gospel.

And I share these things in the name of Jesus Christ, amen.

Week 101 – Curico, Chile

Hey guys,

So this has been a pretty solid week. My companion and I are really working hard to work with members. We’ve been trying to invite the members to accompany us during visits so that the investigators can have an immediate support. Because of this, we had a lot of people come to church yesterday! We are teaching this old couple who in the beginning was just listening to us no mas with out doing anything, but now we are going to lessons with an hermana who is her age, and then yesterday they came to church!!!! So that’s dope.

Also, I’m trying to learn a new language! Theres an elder in my district, Elder Nuarte, and he’s from Paraguay. So there they speak two languages, Spanish and then this language called GuaranĂ­!!! It’s the language of the Indians of Paraguay. It’s super fun. I’ve learned some phrases, but now I’m trying to learn the grammar, because Nuarte and I talk in GuaranĂ­ and no one understands us, ha ha. It’s pretty fun.

We also went to Licanten this past week to have a Book of Mormon activity. Basically, we have a big sign that has questions like what happens after death, etc. And then we talk about the Book of Mormon. It was pretty fun. We talked to a lot of people.

This is my second to last p-day, so next week I’ll send you guys a big reflection letter.

Anyways have a great week.

Elder Halverson