Week 99 – Curico, Chile

Hey guys,

This has been a pretty good week. Me and Elder Zapata are really going hard. I really just want to finish the mission strong. We have been focusing on contacting and talking with everyone.

It’s funny. I feel less trunky this change than I have in a while. It’s helping that I get to die training, but in general, I don’t feel lazy or anxious or anything. (Even though my mom loves telling me how many days I have left, lol)

We had interviews with President this past week, and I got my recommend for the temple renewed!!! At the end of the mission, we get to go to the TEMPLO!!!!! I’m so pumped. One of my good friends, Elder Nuarte, also got his recommend so we’re both excited. I don’t know, honestly, I think I’m more excited for that than anything else.

We’ve worked really hard, but had a lot of rejection. But we had a miracle. We found a family who wants to learn more!!!! They are super great. A dad, mom, and three cute daughters. They are super receptive, so we’re gonna be working with them.

I also got a sweet leather scripture cover. It’s cool, they make it by hand and burn the pictures on it. On the front, I got the Salt Lake City Temple, and on the back, Jesus leaving the tomb.

Anyways, that’s about it. I’m doing great. I hope you guys have a great week.

Elder Halverson

PS Sorry I forgot to send pics these last couple weeks, so here’s some pics of Rodrigo’s baptism and some other things.


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