Week 100 – Curico, Chile

Well, this week was rough.

So my comp went home. Last p-day, we came back to the house and I was just hanging out in the living room, and my comp went to the study room. So when it was getting close to leaving time, I go in to go change, and he’s packing! I was just like what the heck, and we talked. He said he wrote president a letter saying that he was done with the mission/everything and he was just waiting for pres to call him.

I was kinda freaking out, so I called President Harris, and he asked to talk to my comp, so they talked for a while, and then he came out, saying that they were gonna have an interview together on Thursday. So they had it on Thurs, and then they came out, and pres said that he was going home the next day (Friday). So we went back (we had to go to San Fernando) and then he packed and left on Friday.

It was rough. I am pretty sad about everything. I really feel like I did do everything I could try to help him, but he chose to go. I have learned a lot this change. To be honest, it was really hard. I can’t wait to talk to you guys in detail about all of the things that happened (there were some crazy stuff), but I think I understand a tiny bit better of how to be a parent, and how to balance having patience as well as knowing how to correct.

But now I am with another new guy, Elder Perdue. He got here at the same time as Elder Zapata, but his trainer has some leg problems (he can’t walk) so they sent him to the office to finish the mish (he goes home with me) and now his trainee is with me. He’s a cool guy. He’s from Washington state, from a town called Pasco, tri-cities area.

My goal with him is basically help him to be able to run the sector when I leave (in three weeks) so not a lot of time, but at least the basics of how to get to the church, members house, etc.

We had lunch with a member on Sunday, and he made an ASADO (barbeque). It was super good.

Anyways, that’s about it with me.

Anyways, I love ya’ll. Have a great week!!

Elder Halverson


Week 99 – Curico, Chile

Hey guys,

This has been a pretty good week. Me and Elder Zapata are really going hard. I really just want to finish the mission strong. We have been focusing on contacting and talking with everyone.

It’s funny. I feel less trunky this change than I have in a while. It’s helping that I get to die training, but in general, I don’t feel lazy or anxious or anything. (Even though my mom loves telling me how many days I have left, lol)

We had interviews with President this past week, and I got my recommend for the temple renewed!!! At the end of the mission, we get to go to the TEMPLO!!!!! I’m so pumped. One of my good friends, Elder Nuarte, also got his recommend so we’re both excited. I don’t know, honestly, I think I’m more excited for that than anything else.

We’ve worked really hard, but had a lot of rejection. But we had a miracle. We found a family who wants to learn more!!!! They are super great. A dad, mom, and three cute daughters. They are super receptive, so we’re gonna be working with them.

I also got a sweet leather scripture cover. It’s cool, they make it by hand and burn the pictures on it. On the front, I got the Salt Lake City Temple, and on the back, Jesus leaving the tomb.

Anyways, that’s about it. I’m doing great. I hope you guys have a great week.

Elder Halverson

PS Sorry I forgot to send pics these last couple weeks, so here’s some pics of Rodrigo’s baptism and some other things.