Week 95 – Curico, Chile

This was a pretty great week.

So the coolest thing that happened this week was Rodrigo is progressing really well. He is super excited to get baptized this Saturday. Then next week he is going to the TEMPLO TOO!!!! It’s so awesome. His mom, Vitalia, is super happy for him. We actually had lunch at their house yesterday, and we got to meet the extended family of her. None of them are members, and Vitalia was worried that they weren’t going to accept her for her decision, but they were so nice about it!!! They were really supportive and they are actually all going to come for the baptism of Rodrigo too!!! So everything worked out in the end, and God really prepares people, not just the people who get baptized, but even their family members, too.

This week we get changes!!!! It will be my last change this change, so I’m hoping that I stay here to die. We find out this Saturday so that’s exciting. Whatever happens, we’re finishing off the change with a baptism, so I’m happy regardless.

Anyways, love you guys. Have a great week!

Elder Halverson

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