Week 94 – Curico, Chile

Hey guys. This week was pretty great.

So to start off, we had zone conference. That was pretty dope. We talked about the Restoration and how we can teach it better, and also why Jesus Christ’s church was restored at the precise time. It was great. Also Elder Haar, who was my comp when I was in Almendrosa, gave his final testimony there!!! I can’t believe that all those guys from that group are going home this change.

This week we also helped out with a stake activity for the youth. It was mini mtc. It was cool. They all got assigned a “mission” and then a companion and then we had like a “zone conference” where me and Ramos gave a little training about how to contact, and then we divided up and went to go work outside!! It was so fun. I got assigned to work with 2 diaconos. We just went out and contacted and talked to people in the street. The jovenes were definitely pretty nervous, but they got used to it and we all ended up having a great night.

Also, we had these things called expositions of the Book of Mormon in two sectors of our zone, Molina y Licanten. Basically, we got these giant banners that have a bunch of questions about life, like “what is the purpose of life?” and “how can I have a family happy?” And we contact people so that they come to participate and pick a question, and then we answer the question using the Book of Mormon. It was good. I love sharing the Book of Mormon, because I really had no clue before the mish what was in the book, but now I have grown to have such a love for it.

Today was also a great day! We went to this national park called siete tazas (seven cups). It’s basically like this river that creates a bunch of waterfalls. Super cool. We went as part of a zone, and we had a good time. It’s funny, in the USA in the wild theres a bunch of squirrels and deer, but here it’s just dogs, lol, so we found a wild dog who was guiding us.

Also big miracle!! Rodrigo, the son of Vitalia (our conversa reciente) wants to get baptized now!!!!! He saw the blessings from his mom, and we put a fecha for him for the 4 of agosto.

Love ya’ll!

Elder Halverson


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