Week 93 – Curico, Chile

Well, this week was pretty awesome.

So to start off we had intercambios with the assistants. It was good. Me and Ramos went with Elder Rogers and we worked in his sector. It was fun. We basically just contacted all day and talked to people in the street. It was cool, he learned Creole, which is the language of the people of Haiti. So he’s basically fluent. Theres a lot of Haitians in Chile that are immigrated so he did a couple contacts to Haitians in Creole. That was pretty cool.

Our sector is doing okay. We realized this week that, like most sectors in our mish, there’s a lot of people that got baptized then altiro (or immediately) went inactive. So this week we’ve been working a lot with those people. We had a noche de hogar with a family, and a couple of the inactive recent converts went, so that was cool.

Me and Ramos are getting along great. He is such a hard worker. He’s also teaching me a little bit of tagalog (hey Taylor, you are a BAKLA!!!!!! lol). He’s a little bit shy, but we’re really good friends now and we always make jokes with each other! He’s a crazy little guy.

This week we’re actually going to be doing a stake activity with the youth and it’s going to be mini MTC and then we’re going to go contact with them and all that. It’s going to be a great experience!!!

Anyway, still loving the mish. I now have just 2 months left. Kinda freaking out. This has been the fastest change so far (we are already half way through!!!) But still working hard and goin to the end!!

Love ya’ll. Have a great week.

Elder Halverson


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