Week 92 – Curico, Chile

Hey ya’ll.

This has been a great week.

So to start off, we had interviews with Pres. Harris. It was great. My interview was pretty good. We talked about goals and plans. President is a great guy. I really feel that one of the biggest things that I have changed about myself in the mission is the principle of goals and plans. Ive learned that by setting goals, and writing them down, and then being integral with my plans that i set for the goals, I can do things that I didn’t think I could do before.

Also we did intercambios this week, too. I stayed in Bombero with Elder Borrero. He’s dope, he’s from Ecuador and has about a year in the mission. We were able to teach some good lessons together and talk to people on the street. Our zone is just straight gringos and ecuatorianos, and then one pino (aka, filipino, my comp!!!)

Also, unfortunately, we are still in winter, and it poured rain this last week. Luckily, the boots that Mami sent me have saved my life!!!

Me and Ramos are doing great. I love this guy. He is so funny!!!

Anyways, I love you guys so much. Have a gret week!!

Elder Halverson


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