Week 91 – Curico, Chile

Hey guys,

This week was a fantastic week. The coolest thing that happened was definitely the fact the Vitalia got baptized on Saturday!!!!!! It was so great. She is just so awesome!!!! She was actually a reference from a member from another ward, and the friend came to the baptism, and it was so cool. She was just so happy. Vitalia’s two kids also came, Natalia and Rodrigo. They aren’t too interested like in our message and whatnot, but they really loved the baptism of their mom. Also, there were a good group of members that came to support, so that was just awesome, too. I love mission work. Even though I haven’t had that many baptisms in the mission, I love seeing someone deciding to follow the example of Jesus Christ through his Gospel. I know Vitalia and her family will be blessed as she continues faithfully in enduring to the end.

Also, this was my first week with my new companion, Elder Ramos. He is super dope. He is this little guy from the Philippines. He has about a year in the mission. He’s just a great comp. He’s very thoughtful and a funny guy. We are getting along really great. Actually, yesterday (Sunday) we made root beer floats to celebrate the baptism!!!! (I sent the video). Thanks to my mom for sending the root beer!

I GOT THE PACKAGE TOO!!! It was so great!!! Definitly so unhealthy, but I loved it. The boots came real handy too, because it poured rain on Sunday! I freaking love the salt and pepper grinders! I make breakfast tacos every morning for breakfast, and I love the feeling of grinding salt and pepper on top.

The six pack is coming in, too!!! I can see 2 squares on top, just below my pecs now!! The thing thats hard for me is getting rid of the love handles, but unfortunately the root beer floats and the candy aren’t going to help with that;). But a pesar del frio, I still go ham on the exercizes in the mornings.

Today p-day was pretty fun. We played soccer on a really wet court, and then made food Ecuatoriana. It was dope. we made chifles and tortilla verde. They were tasty. Basically now, we’re gonna finish writing, then I’m gonna buy some more yerba (mate) and then we’ll buy food for the week and head back to the house.

Now that we can’t use google hangouts (per our mission president changing the policy for our mission), I do kinda like just writing big letters. It’s less stress without the chats, and I can just think clearly and write. I am a fan.

Also Dad (I’ll write you a personal letter) but I FREAKING LOVED THE LETTER!!! Me and Perry read it when we got home last p-day, and we loved it. I forwarded the letter to him and also to another missionary who wanted the letter! Perry calls it the pearl of great josh!!! haha. It was super great.

Anyways, that’s about it. I realized I was a noob and I forgot the memory card of all the pics of the baptisms but I’ll send you the pic of the activity and of the root beer floats.

Love you guys.

Have a great week

Elder Halverson


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