Week 90 – Curico, Chile

This week was pretty great.

We have been working really hard with our investigatores, Vitalia and Rodrigo. They are super great. Vitalia is going to be baptized this SATURDAY!!!!!!! We are super pumped. Rodrigo, her son, still has some doubts, so we are still working with him, but Vitalia is super great.

Also this week we had intercambios. I went with Elder Garcia, who is my SON (or rather I was his trainer, or first companion, in the mission, but in mission slang it’s said father and son) and I went with him to his sector, which is a little pueblito that’s called Licanten. It was great. We pretty much just contacted all day. Then the next morning we woke up early, and went to a GYM that they have there. I have no clue how this tiny little sector has a dope gym but it did, so we went to work out. It was soooo dope!!! I am so pumped to lift weights after the mish. I am pretty weak, honestly, but I didn’t do as bad as I thought I would, ha ha. I’m gonna get swole when I get back tho.

Also we have changes tomorrow. The good news is I’m staying here in Bombero Garrido again!!! But sadly Elder Perry is leaving and going to Pichilemu to finish his mish. My new comp is going to be Elder Ramos. He is from the Philippines. I don’t really know much about him, but he has like a year in the mission. I’ve heard good things about him tho, so I’m pumped, but for sure bummed to send Perry off. We had a really great change together, and he was for sure one of my favorite comps.

Anyways, that’s about it. Love ya’ll. Have a great week.

Elder Halverson


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