Week 87 – Curico, Chile

This is my start. I’m gonna go hard on the letters. I’ll start doing voice recordings for you too.

So I guess to start off, I ONLY HAVE 3 MONTHS LEFT!!! Lowkey, I’m a little trunky, ha ha. Ever since the mother’s day call, I’m definitely excited to see you guys and start life, but you also better believe that I’m gonna bust my butt these last three months. I’m going home with no regrets.

Elder Perry and I are great, also. I feel like we’re doing great together. Even though we’re both old in the mission, we’re working hard and getting some success, so it’s great. He dies next change so I bet he stays here and I go. Then I bet I’ll stay wherever I go for my last two changes, then I’ll head home. I’m fine with that. I kinda want to bajar as zone leader. It’s been good, I enjoy it, but I would like to be district leader one more time. I realize that I actually like teaching the district class every week, plus as zl there’s a lot of verification and extra things to stress about. But I find dl is simple, but cool. I wouldn’t even mind being just a normal missionary.

We watched the devotional from Pres Nelson last night. I loved it. I was super impressed. I really love Pres Nelson. I don’t really remember too much about the transition from Hinckley to Monson, but I really am loving the transistion to Nelson. He is just a stud. I think honestly he’s already my favorite profeta. I love the invitations he did to the youth. I hope HANNAH is involved in those!!! He really is trying to help the members of the church.

We’re pretty pumped about the upcoming baptisms with Vitalia and Rodrigo. We have a couple other peeps with baptismal dates, but we’re still not 100 percent sure with them. Vitalia and Rodrigo are for sure, but we have 2 others that we’re not sure. I’ll let you know as we get closer. Hopefullly they get dunked too.

We’ve been trying to get into good shape for when we come home, too.  We have a couple buckets filled with cement and we have made our own ghetto weights, lol.  It’s fun.

Anyways, I hope this was an improvement. I’m going to continue improving these next couple weeks but just know that I love you and I’ll be praying specifically for you, Mami. Strength this week for you all.

I love you,

Elder Halverson


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