Week 78 – Almendroza, Chile

This has been a dope week!!!

The highlight of the week was General Conference! For those who don’t know what that is, it’s basically when we get to hear talks and messages from men and women who have been called by God to lead us.  It was very inspiring.  We got to hear from our recently called prophet, President Russel M. Nelson.  I absolutely loved it!  It has been my favorite general conference that I have ever seen.  I felt the spirit during every talk, and I received a lot of answers to prayers during the conference.

We were also able to sustain our prophets in a solemn assembly.  This basically means covenant or commit to God that we will obey and follow their teachings.  I am very happy and grateful for a prophet who guides us in our days, as we listen to his counsel.  I am a changed person after this conference.  I know that there are many things that I am going to do differently.

The rest of the week was pretty dope, too!  On Saturday, we received changes, and I’m leaving.  I’m going to go back to CURICO!  WOOOO!!!!!  I love Curico.  I’m going to be in the ward Bambero Garrido, so that will be fun.  My companion will be Elder Theiss.  He’s dope.  He’s from Brazil, he’s got like two more months in the mission than me.  Also, Teno is going to be in my zone, so I’ll be able to do intercambios there.

Anyway, I know that we have prophets on the earth, and I love to be able to share it with all those here in Chile!


Elder Halverson


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