Week 76 – Almendroza, Chile

This week was great.  At the feria this week (which is basically like an open market) I bought 4 fish for the equivalent of like 3 bucks, haha. It was sketch!! Then we went back to the house and I tried to make them but they were all jank and nasty!!!! I cooked them and everything but they just ended up terrible haha, like they were all rotten and what not! But it’s all good, I didn’t lose that much for it, haha.

I really love my comp. Elder Chavez is such a stud. We are working very hard, and finding a lot of people to teach! We’re just working on helping them progressing now.

I hit my last 6 months in the mish, and in our mission when that happens, they call it the “sexy seis!!!” because it’s like the time to get fit and strong for when you go home, so I’m starting that now! I am going super hard in workouts now, and I’m gonna start eating healthier. So hopefully I’ll have a little bit of muscle to come back with (…dad;)…)

Also, P-day was fun today. We climbed a big hill that was in Apalta, a neighboring town of Santa Cruz. It was insane. We basically trail blazed the whole thing!! We got destroyed by a lot of thorns and bushes, but it was a fun experience!

I read a talk from President Nelson from one of his conference talks where he says that we should study the words of Christ that are found in the scriptures, and as we do that, we will love Jesus Christ and his laws more. It really impacted me (fantastic talk by the way), so I am committing myself to that. For the rest of my mission, I want to study more about Jesus Christ, in all scriptures (The Bible, the Book of Mormon,etc.) There is like over 2200 references to Him in the scriptures, so I’m pretty sure it’ll be a big project, but I’m super excited. I love studying the scriptures.

So, in total, life is great! The mission is dope! Have a great week!

Elder Halverson


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