Week 74 – Almendroza, Chile


Monday was a fun p-day . We made completos, and then we played soccer.  I freaking love soccer!  Then I found out that Chase is going to Finland!  I literally screamed out loud in the cyber, ha ha.  I am so happy for him!

Tuesday, we had district class in the morning.  It was a really good class.  It was a day of hard work.  We were just up the main street all day talking to people to see if we could visit them.

Wednesday was a dope day!  We had intercambios.  I was with Elder Calderon.  He’s a new missionary, with only two weeks in the mish!  He is from Columbia.  We found three new investigators today!  We said a lot of prayers, and the Lord really blessed us.  Also, we visited with this Haitian member who speaks perfect Spanish.

Thursday was a great day.  We went to this beach town.  It’s the surf capital of South America.  It’s pretty touristy.  I went with Elder Garcia.  We had a good day of work.  We talked with a lot of people and found a couple of new investigators.  Also, when we were walking, I saw my favorite brand of MATE! (still drinking it, lol) so I picked some up.

Friday was dope.  We had lunch and then came back to get the kit for the capilla abierta.  Not too much time to contact, but we visited some future investigators, and found some news.  (Side note:  It’s been a frickin’ dope week for news!)

Saturday was okay.  Basically, all day, like from 10 to 4, we were in the cyber organizing the references for the zone, uploading them to lds.org, sending them to the mission, etc.  Then after that, we did like a church tour where we invited people to come.  The branch is pretty small, and hardly any members or visitors came, but it was fun.

Things are great!  Love you guys!

Elder HalversonDSC08054 (1)DSC08057 (1)dsc08059-1.jpg

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