Week 73 – Almendroza, Chile

HOLY FETCH!!!!!!! QUE BAKAN MAN!!!!!!!!  I can’t believe Chase got his mission call to Finland!   I LITERALLY SCREAMED HERE IN THE CYBER!! Wow!!! That’s so dope!!!!

FREAKIN DOPE!!!  I bet he’s so excited!!!

I’m feeling way good. We’re working hard, going strong, it’s great! Today we had a zone activity. We played this game called signs with the zone, then we played soccer, then ate completos.  It was fun.

The weather here is nice.  It’s getting cooler — this morning it was kinda chilly. The summer honestly hasn’t been that bad this year.

This week we have got some intercambios, district classes, etc.  In the consejo de mision, Pres. Harris told us that our focus is talking with everyone. We have a mission goal of doing 200 contacts per week.  So we’re gonna be focusing a lot on talking with peeps on the street.

Everything here is good. I freaking love my comp. He’s super great.

Have a good week!

Elder Halverson


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