Week 71 – Almendroza, Chile

Hey everyone!

This has been a pretty great week.

We had zone conference this past week, and it was pretty cool. I got to see my last comp Elder Smith, as well as some of my good friends in the mission. We talked a lot about Repentance and the Atonement of Jesus Christ. It was fantastic. I love arrepentimiento!!!!

Also this week, we had an awesome activity!!! Basically, we have these giant posters that have questions of life, like where do we come from, what happens after this life, etc. We put these posters in places with lots of people, and tell people to tell us which question calls their attention, and then help them contestar it with the libro de mormon. IT WAS SUPER AWESOME! We went to Nancagua, and we had it in a feria (which is like a market). We had a lot of people stop to participate and we were able to give out a lot of Books of Mormon.

Also, we had an open church in Peralillo, that was super dope, too. It’s like this tour that we do, where we invite a bunch of people on the street, and also members bring friends, to come and see what we do at church! It was great. Both Nancagua and Peralillo are super small campo towns, but a lot of people participated, and it worked out great!

Overall, just awesome things are happening here in Santa Cruz. This week is gonna be great because we have a conference with Elder Christofferson, a prophet of God, and I’ll see Matt Hendrix, and we have a mission conference the day before!!! So life is just great right now!!

See ya’ll next week!

Elder Halverson


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