Week 70 – Almendroza, Chile

Hey guys!

This week was awesome.  Full of miracles and kind of crazy.

So this week, we had a big focus on finding new investigators. We made it a zone plan that every sector finds 7 NEW INVESTIGATORS. We knew it was going to be hard, but everyone in the zone committed themselves to doing it, and it went super well. We all worked really hard in the week, focusing a lot on contacting, and talking with everyone in the street, etc. It was cool because all the missionaries were always calling each other to verify and see how it was going, so a lot of unity was built. And then at the end of the week we did it and more!! We got the most new investigators in over 7 months, maybe more.

It wasn’t necessarily what we did that got us a lot of news, but really it was the fact that the Lord saw our commitment, and blessed us with prepared people. That’s a reason why I love the mission. We don’t have to be super talented to have success. We don’t have to speak the language perfect, or be a good people person, or anything like that. We just need to show the Lord through our faith (belief and action) that we really believe in his power and we will act and do our best. Once that happens, the Lord can bless us. And, of course, there will be days when we cant see those blessings, but we will be able to have confidence knowing that we have done all that we can.

Yesterday was my birthday.  It was so crazy.  At like 2 in the morning, I got a call from the branch president, and I was like what, nah chao, so I went back to bed.  But then he kept calling so I was like, what the heck.  But then I realized I was alone, the other elders weren’t in their beds!  So then I get up and I’m like what the heck. I figured it was a prank.  Then I see a candle being lit on the other side of the room so I go to the other side of the room, and then on the wall, in fake blood, it said “TENGO TUS AMIGOS” which means “I have your friends”.  And then I’m like really tired, and also freaked out because I don’t know if they are going to do anything. ALSO in the background, they downloaded these creepy shouts of like a “ghost crying” and they hid it in the attic, so it was really loud and echoey, so I was freaking out.

I went to turn on the lights, but then I saw they had taken out all of the bulbs!!!  So basically I just had a flashlight in the dark with creepy ghost screams at like 3 in the morning.  I was basically like looking all over the house to find them so I could punch them!!!  Honestly, I was super duper scared, like I’ve never been so scared and mad and with so much adrenaline.  I like kicked a fan, and shattered it. They had locked me in so I beat the door.  And I was like left there for 5 mins just running around the house looking for them, and then I was  about ready to go into the attic (where i thought they were) when I heard them open the front door and they all said “happy birthday!!!!!!!” They literally had been planning this for like a week and a half!!!

And there was a bunch of candles around the house and they had written creepy messages on all the mirrors and windows!!!  IT WAS SO CREEPY.  After that, I couldn’t fall asleep until like five because I thought they were going to do something else.  But it’s all good.  It was pretty funny.

Then a family from my old area in Peor es Nada came to visit me!  They were driving around Santa Cruz looking for missionaries to ask where we lived.  They found my housemates and came to find me and wish me a happy birthday.  It was my old branch president there.  They are so great.  I couldn’t believe it.

Well, the mission is great.  I love Heavenly Father, and I love Chile!

Have a great week!

Elder Halverson


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