Week 62 – Peor es Nada, Chile

Hey Guys!

This week has been pretty crazy awesome.

We had zone conference on Thursday.  It was really good.  We talked a lot about charity and how we can help others during the Christmas season, as well as preach the gospel.  We also did this cool activity where we made little sack lunches and then we gave them out to people on the street.  It was cool.  I gave my sack lunch to a blind beggar on the street.  It was really special because the guy was really happy to receive it.

We also had a cool branch service activity on Saturday.  Basically, we taught the branch how to make Christmas gingerbread cookies, and then we all decorated the cookies and divided them up so that we could go give them to all the neighbors.  Overall, it was pretty cool.  Everyone loved the cookies, which is good because Elder Smith totally kind of winged it at the last second, lol.  We have never made Christmas cookies before, but we looked up a recipe online, and then brought all the stuff.  They were pretty tasty.  Also, one of the menos activos (less active members) is deaf, and she had brought some of her deaf friends, so they taught Elder Smith and I how to communicate in Spanish signs.  It was a ton of fun because they were teaching us how to do jokes and whatnot in signs!

We also did a crap ton of service this week.  That’s honestly one of the things I like most about being in Peor es Nada because we get so many opportunities to do service.  We did a lot of grass cutting, farm work, etc.  Overall, it was sick.

Sunday was pretty good.  We had solid attendance.  We have a new program where for the second hour of church we have Sunday School all together and then Elder Smith and I take turns teaching the class.  It was my turn yesterday, so that was fun.  Then in third hour, we planned for the big Christmas activity, which we’ll have on the 23rd of December.  Overall, it’s going to be fun.  We’re going to watch a Christmas video, then play games and eat food, then we’ll have a little play of the nativity.

Also that day, we went up to Rancagua to have a meeting with President Harris.  Basically, we talked to him about the branch/sector, informed him about what is going on, asked for his ideas, etc.  It was just a fantastic meeting.  I’m so grateful for the support of President Harris.  He really is so willing to help us.

Overall, just a fantastic week.  I love you guys!

Elder Halverson


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