Week 61 – Peor es Nada, Chile

So this week was great!

To start off, we had changes! I am staying another change in Peor es Nada!! And Elder SMITH is going to be my comp again!!!! I can’t believe it.  We are so pumped up. We are going to grind so hard. Tomorrow, Tuesday, in the morning, I am going to go with Elder Garcia to the bus terminal in San Fernando and then he is going to head to Talca, and then I wait with the other missionaries until Elder Smith gets here. He called me last night, and we talked for a bit, and we are just psyched to get out and work, so its going to be a good change.
So in Peor es Nada, basically everyone is related to each other, and last week a girl had surgery in her eye, so a family of the branch who is related to her, had a big bbq and they invited us. There was so much meat!!! And in the campo, it’s all freshly killed and cleaned, so it was super good. They even grilled up some goat testicles! To be honest, they were really good, ha ha! I don’t know if that is the mission taste buds or what, but it was tasty!
It was pretty interesting.  The church did a face to face recently with Oaks and Ballard that was focused on the young single adults, and President Harris made us watch for district class. It was good. I learned a lot. But honestly, it made me pretty trunky. They spent a solid amount of time talking about marriage!!! To be honest, I am pretty excited to look for a wife lol, but I know that I gotta focus in the time that I have left to work here in Chile. So….lesson learned, focus on mish, then look for marriage, ha ha.
Nah, but it’s awesome. Love it here. Have a great week!
Elder Halverson

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