Week 56 – Peor es Nada, Chile

Hey guys.

This week has been seriously amazing!!!

So to start off, WE LIVE IN OUR HOUSE!!!! WOOOOO!!! We are so pumped! It definitely isn’t the nicest house by any means, but it means we don’t have to bike an extra 2 hours round trip every day, so we’re pretty pumped. We moved in on Saturday. One of the missionary couples came with their truck to come pick up all of our stuff and then we drove there and unpacked.  Then they went back to make a few trips to grab all the appliances. We are very happy. The only bad thing though is that every morning at like 5:30, all the roosters start to crow!!! And also, its pretty jank construction, so it’s really cold, and there are lots of bugs, but other than that it’s pretty solid!

We also had our zone conference this last week. Elder Mark Bragg, from the seventy, came with his wife and they gave the training. It was awesome. I really learned a ton. He gave a lot of training on how we can really talk and share the gospel with everyone, as well as how we can work with members better. Overall, it was just awesome!

Also, church was great yesterday!!! We had 20 people in church!!!! For Peor es Nada, that is insane!!! Also, 4 of them were INVESTIGATORS!!!! They are a family that we are teaching now who are really awesome!! When I saw them, I seriously almost cried. It was so cool to see God answering our prayers. Also the district president came and set us apart. I am the first counselor of the presidency of the branch, and my comp, Elder Garcia, is the branch secretary. So it’s basically going to be like when I was in Teno. Our first calling is still being missionaries, but now we just have other responsibilities. It will be good.

I was thinking about it yesterday, really I am just so grateful to see the hand of God in my life. My dad wrote me an email and talked about this. There are many times when we don’t see God’s influence in our lives, but there are also many instances when we do. And those times are really hard when we can’t see him. But it’s moments like now, with many blessings, when I am just so grateful for God’s mercy and grace in my life. I am so grateful and happy to be a part of his work.

Have a great week.


Elder Halverson


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