Week 55 – Peor es Nada, Chile

Hey guys!
These last weeks have been good.
So we found out about changes and I am staying in Peor es Nada another change to finish Elder Garcia’s training. I love it here. It’s hard and it’s a lot of work, but we’re still going strong. Elder Garcia, my comp, is an animal. He is a really good missionary. I am glad that we get to stay together another change.
The sector is going okay. Basically, these last few weeks, we have been working on our house. We live about an hour outside of Peor es Nada, on bike, so we gotta bike every day to get over there. It’s pretty tiring, ha ha, but we’re excited to be getting into the house. The builders built the frame of the house and everything, and put the walls in, but Elder Garcia and I have been doing the rest, ha ha. We’ve been painting, putting in tile, doing the landscaping, etc.  But it’s paying off — they are going to do the contract this Thursday, so hopefully that means we will pass inspection, and then we will be able to move in. There are a few little details that we need to finish, but we should be good to go.
It’s really hard finding people here. Like most of Chile, everyone is Catholic or Evangelico, but here the people are pretty stubborn; we’re not really teaching that many lessons. The key though is service!! Peor es Nada is one of the sectors with the most campo, so everyone is always working. It’s kind of funny, my comp and I were talking about it.  We feel like we are serving in the same sector as Kolipoki from the movie, “The Other Side of Heaven!” Everyone there is all related to each other, and the only opportunities we have to teach are when we are chopping wood or doing farm work, ha ha. Its awesome!!! My dream is to live out in the country, so I am definitely having a good time.
Today was a really cool P-day. This morning we got up at 5:30 to go run to a lake!!! I know right?  Running and me don’t go well together, ha ha, but it was cool. We couldn’t get too close to the lake, because there was a bunch of angry horses, but it was pretty and a cool adventure.
Anyways I am loving the mission. So freaking awesome. Have a great week
Elder Halverson

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