Week 53 – Peor es Nada, Chile

Hey Everybody!

These past couple weeks have been super awesome.

We had general conference last week.  It was incredible.  As a missionary, that is like the best weekend ever!  Especially this past weekend, it was so great.  My two favorite talks were the ones from Sister Oscarson and Elder Nelson.  They both really inspired me a lot.  But in all reality, all the talks were great.  I learned a ton from each one.  I got to watch conference in English this time, so that was cool.  In Spanish, they do like a voiceover of a guy talking in Spanish, but I love hearing the actual voices of the speakers.  I feel like there is a difference, that the mere power in their words is so strong.  Overall, a great experience.

Also, we still don’t have a house here in Peor es Nada, but the owner is working on it, and he said that it would be done hopefully this week!  Elder Garcia and I have been doing a lot to help.  The other day, we pained the inside, and then we did some landscaping on the outside.  It’s coming together!

Yesterday, we also had the funnest p-day ever.  As a zone, we all went over to our sector, Peor es Nada, and played soccer there in a grass field.  It was seriously so fun!  I had only played soccer in courts of cement before, but playing on grass is seriously the best way to go!  I love soccer so much, ha ha!  I never thought I would become so obsessed, but I definitely will continue to play after the mish.

Anyway, it was just a great week.  I love the mish.  It’s the best thing I could be doing now.  Have a great week.


Elder Halverson


Week 51 – Peor es Nada, Chile

Hey Guys!

So this week has been pretty good.  On Tuesday, we had interviews with President Harris.  It was great.  We mostly just talked about the sector and things that we should do to find more people and help the branch.  He is such a great guy.  He gave me a lot of good ideas of things to start doing, so we’re going hard with that.  He also showed a ton of support for us, and he is really willing to help us.  It’s awesome.

We’ve also been kicking it up a notch on the service, as well as talking with everyone.  We have decided that every person we see working, we’re just going to go and help without asking.  It’s working well!  We have chopped firewood, cut grass, trimmed bushes, etc.  It’s giving us a lot of opportunities to introduce ourselves to the people, and also so that they can see us as nice people instead of just annoying people knocking on doors.

Overall, though, we are doing really good.  It’s tough work, the people are pretty hard and not really receptive (at least the ones we have met) but we’re going to keep going and trust that the Lord is preparing his children.

Have a great week!

Elder Halverson