Week 50 – Peor es Nada, Chile

Hey Everyone!

This week has been a very dope week!

On Tuesday, we had interchanges with the assistants!  It was so awesome.  We left with Elder Covey, also known as Britain Covey, the football play for the University of Utah!  He is so cool.  We pretty much just went around contacting and talking with everyone.  We had a lot of success.  We handed out nine Books of Mormon!  It was a great interchange.  I learned a lot.  We found a guy with a BYU shirt on and I had to get a picture.  It was hilarious.

Peor es Nada, our sector, is really hardcore campo.  There is a ton of countryside, and because of this, we have been trying to offer a bunch of service.  It’s been working pretty well.  One day, we were riding on bikes and we saw a bunch of day workers working in the fields, so we decided to go and help.  We helped with the cherry trees.  We made cuts in the trees and then pasted it with this hormone paste so that branches will grow.  It was awesome.  All the workers were surprised to see a gringo and a Mexican in a shirt and tie doing labor work.  They were cracking jokes and whatnot as we were learning how to do it, but when they saw us work full speed, they were shocked to see that we were working faster than them, ha ha.  It was a fun experience.

We also offered service like building fences and constructing houses, as well as doing some farm work like cleaning barns and shoveling hay.  The people here are definitely fast to give us work.  It’s been working out well in finding people, so it’s something we’re going to keep doing.

On Monday, I also passed my first “diesocho” in Chile, which means “18.”  On the 18th of September, it’s the day of independence of Chile!  It’s basically just a giant party.  It was our P-Day on Monday, so we basically got to enjoy it and celebrate.  It was really fun.  We ate so much food!  Basically everything Chilean.  We had everything from empanadas and grilled meat to “terrrenotos” (without alcohol, of course) and “choripanes” (brat hotdogs, more or less).  We also went to a Chilean rodeo!  It was a cool experience.  They are way different than our rodeos in the US – the goal of rodeos here is basically two cowboys ride horses and try to pin a cow against a wall.  It was cool!  I am a huge fan of “la ropa de huaso” or Chilean cowboy clothes.

Overall, a great week.  I love you guys!  Enjoy your week!


Elder Halverson


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