Week 48 – Teno, Chile

Hey Guys!

This past week has been a ton of fun!

On Thursday, there was a Chile soccer game.  Soccer is so big here in Chile, so as a branch, we had a big BBQ and we watched the game at the church.  It was a ton of fun.  I was pretty much running the grill the entire time.  It was a lot of meat!  We ate pig meat, sausage, and stuff on shish kabobs.  It was super tasty.  Chileans are very prideful of their country, so everyone brought Chile fan gear to wear.  They even let Elder Buxton and I use some of their gear.  I wore a Chile tie that I wear for the games.  Unfortunately, we lost, so everyone was pretty bummed, but the good thing is that everyone just ate more BBQ, so it all worked out in the end, ha ha.

Also, I learned how to do the Cueca on Saturday!  On Saturday, we as a branch had practices for a stake activity where each branch and ward presents different dances.  For our practice, no one came.  So it was just me, Elder Buxton, Javier, and Marciela.  Javier and Marciela are like professional Cueca dancers, so Javier taught me how to do it!  It was sooo fun!  It was kind of complicated, but Javier said I learned it fast.  I have a video (see below), but that’s still when I was learning, so I made some mistakes.  It was cool.  Then I watched Javier and Marciela do it – and I was wowed!  They danced so well.  Aftewards, Javier told me that I learned the simple version, ha ha, but it was cool.

This week is transfers.  I found out that Elder Buxton and I are staying in Teno, and we are getting Elder Everett with us!  We will be a trio, which is something they don’t do very often.  I’m excited.  I think it will be a cool opportunity.  I love Teno and I love the branch here so much.

Have a good week!


Elder Halverson


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