Week 50 – Peor es Nada, Chile

Hey Everyone!

This week has been a very dope week!

On Tuesday, we had interchanges with the assistants!  It was so awesome.  We left with Elder Covey, also known as Britain Covey, the football play for the University of Utah!  He is so cool.  We pretty much just went around contacting and talking with everyone.  We had a lot of success.  We handed out nine Books of Mormon!  It was a great interchange.  I learned a lot.  We found a guy with a BYU shirt on and I had to get a picture.  It was hilarious.

Peor es Nada, our sector, is really hardcore campo.  There is a ton of countryside, and because of this, we have been trying to offer a bunch of service.  It’s been working pretty well.  One day, we were riding on bikes and we saw a bunch of day workers working in the fields, so we decided to go and help.  We helped with the cherry trees.  We made cuts in the trees and then pasted it with this hormone paste so that branches will grow.  It was awesome.  All the workers were surprised to see a gringo and a Mexican in a shirt and tie doing labor work.  They were cracking jokes and whatnot as we were learning how to do it, but when they saw us work full speed, they were shocked to see that we were working faster than them, ha ha.  It was a fun experience.

We also offered service like building fences and constructing houses, as well as doing some farm work like cleaning barns and shoveling hay.  The people here are definitely fast to give us work.  It’s been working out well in finding people, so it’s something we’re going to keep doing.

On Monday, I also passed my first “diesocho” in Chile, which means “18.”  On the 18th of September, it’s the day of independence of Chile!  It’s basically just a giant party.  It was our P-Day on Monday, so we basically got to enjoy it and celebrate.  It was really fun.  We ate so much food!  Basically everything Chilean.  We had everything from empanadas and grilled meat to “terrrenotos” (without alcohol, of course) and “choripanes” (brat hotdogs, more or less).  We also went to a Chilean rodeo!  It was a cool experience.  They are way different than our rodeos in the US – the goal of rodeos here is basically two cowboys ride horses and try to pin a cow against a wall.  It was cool!  I am a huge fan of “la ropa de huaso” or Chilean cowboy clothes.

Overall, a great week.  I love you guys!  Enjoy your week!


Elder Halverson


Week 49 – Peor es Nada, Chile

Hey Everyone!

So this week has been an insane week!!  Last week I said that I was going to stay in Teno again for another change with Elder Buxton and a new comp, Elder Everett, in a trio.  That was the plan.  But then Tuesday comes, which is day of changes, and it all starts off normal.  We get up, get ready to leave and go pick up Elder Everett at the bus station.  But then, on the way to the bus station, I get a call from Elder Covey, the assistant.  The tells me that I have to get to Rancagua, the mission office, as fast as possible!  He then says that I am going to go train a new missionary and go to Buin, the zone most north of the mission.

I started flipping out!!  I didn’t have anything packed!  I wasn’t even wearing a suit!  All I had with me was my Book of Mormon, ha ha.  So then I get up to Rancagua as fast as I can (by myself) and I’m in the mission office waiting.  I then try to figure out what the heck is going on!  I talked with the assistants and they tell me that they had planned on only receiving 13 new missionaries, and all of them were coming from the Santiago MTC.

But there was another missionary who couldn’t get his passport from Mexico who was at the Mexico MTC.  When he landed in the Santiago airport, no one was there waiting for him!!  Luckily, he was smart enough to realize no one was there, so he took a taxi to the Santiago MTC, and then met up with the other missionaries.  And our mission only had 13 trainers, so that’s why they had to call me with such short notice!  Pretty crazy, right??  Well, it gets even more crazy!

So, Elder Covey is telling me all this, but then he tells me that I’m not going to Buin.  He says that I am going to go serve in an area called Peor es Nada.  In the mission, this is known as one of the smallest branches in all the mission, with an average attendance of less than 10 people at church.  Also, that branch hasn’t had missionaries in that sector for over 30 years!  What had  always happened is missionaries in the neighboring sector would go over once a week to go work there, but really no progress was made.  So that’s where I’m at right now!  My companion, Elder Garcia is awesome!!  He is actually the same missionary from the Mexico MTC who was by himself!  He is from Mexico City.  We get along great and this is going to be a great change!!

So to describe Peor es Nada, it’s maybe the most campo sector in all the mission.  Campo means countryside.  The town itself of Peor as Nada is tiny, but we have a bunch of tiny towns scattered in our sector.  And we have bikes, so we are always just biking around.  We don’t have a house yet in our sector, so we are living with the elders in the next sector over until they can get us one – hopefully in a month or so.  It takes us 45 minutes to bike to our sector, and then we bike all over and work!  It’s crazy.

But it’s awesome.  I love it here.

Have a great week!

Elder Halverson

Week 48 – Teno, Chile

Hey Guys!

This past week has been a ton of fun!

On Thursday, there was a Chile soccer game.  Soccer is so big here in Chile, so as a branch, we had a big BBQ and we watched the game at the church.  It was a ton of fun.  I was pretty much running the grill the entire time.  It was a lot of meat!  We ate pig meat, sausage, and stuff on shish kabobs.  It was super tasty.  Chileans are very prideful of their country, so everyone brought Chile fan gear to wear.  They even let Elder Buxton and I use some of their gear.  I wore a Chile tie that I wear for the games.  Unfortunately, we lost, so everyone was pretty bummed, but the good thing is that everyone just ate more BBQ, so it all worked out in the end, ha ha.

Also, I learned how to do the Cueca on Saturday!  On Saturday, we as a branch had practices for a stake activity where each branch and ward presents different dances.  For our practice, no one came.  So it was just me, Elder Buxton, Javier, and Marciela.  Javier and Marciela are like professional Cueca dancers, so Javier taught me how to do it!  It was sooo fun!  It was kind of complicated, but Javier said I learned it fast.  I have a video (see below), but that’s still when I was learning, so I made some mistakes.  It was cool.  Then I watched Javier and Marciela do it – and I was wowed!  They danced so well.  Aftewards, Javier told me that I learned the simple version, ha ha, but it was cool.

This week is transfers.  I found out that Elder Buxton and I are staying in Teno, and we are getting Elder Everett with us!  We will be a trio, which is something they don’t do very often.  I’m excited.  I think it will be a cool opportunity.  I love Teno and I love the branch here so much.

Have a good week!


Elder Halverson