Week 47 – Teno, Chile

These past two weeks have been super awesome!

To start off with, I had my first baptism last Saturday!  It was Paz, the daughter of Marcelino!!  It was so cool!!  She was so excited!  It was really amazing.  Elder Buxton and I were waiting outside so we could take pictures, and she walked out in her white dress, and I kind of lost it.  I remember thinking, “Wow!  This is a future beehive, laurel, missionary, wife, mother, etc., who has completely changed the future of her life by following Christ!”

After the ordinance, Marcelino and I were talking about all that had led up to this point.  The lessons, the visits, the church assistance, etc.  But then we brought up the first night, the night we met Marcelino.  He was just a drunk guy in the street.  The man couldn’t even walk upright and with alcohol strong on his breath, he told us that he was Mormon and that he wanted us to go visit and teach his family.  I will forever give thanks to God for that night, for that experience.  I know for a fact that Marcelino and his family were prepared for us to teach them because Heavenly Father knew they were ready.  He knew it was their time.  It’s not the missionaries or the lessons who prepare the people to follow Christ or join this church, but it’s the spirit.  It’s God Himself.

Since that night, this family has completely changed their lives.  Marcelino has given up drinking.  They all go to church together every week, they read scriptures and pray together every day.  Marcelino and his wife, Ava Marie, are planning their wedding now, so then Ava Marie can be baptized, too!  It’s been a complete change of who they were before.  I am so grateful for the opportunity I have had to just be a part of this.

I know the church is true.  I have been blessed to see that the gospel of Jesus Christ can really make a difference in people’s lives.  God loves us and knows us.  He knows when we are ready.  He prepares us, through our hope and faith.  I love sharing this message with others.  I’ve learned a lot from this experience, but the one that sticks out the most right now is give everyone a chance.  Whether that’s missionary work, school, home — you have to give humanity a chance.  Give our brothers and sisters chances.  We can’t tell if the Lord has worked through someone unless we look at them with the potential that God sees in each one of us.  We’re all progressing.  We’ve all got the potential because we’re all children of our Heavenly Father.  I love missionary work!  I love everything about being here right now.  I hope ya’ll have a great week.


Elder Halverson

(P.S. Click over to the blog http://www.elderhalverson.com to see a couple videos at the end of this post.)


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