Week 42 – Teno, Chile

Well, we have the changes this week… Elder Smith is leaving and going to Talca, and I am staying in Teno. I am going to be with a guy named Elder Buxton. Also, I am going to be district leader this change, too.

I was definitely pretty surprised and honestly kind of disappointed that Smith is leaving.  I have been focusing myself really hard in the branch these last two changes.  Elder Smith and I have been really blessed in the mission work because we have gotten investigators in really crazy ways.  Right now, we have a really good groove going, and now we’re getting separated.  I honestly feel a little overwhelmed.  I feel like I’ve been working well, and have my rhythm, but like every change I have more and more things to deal with.  When I came to Teno, I was really worried about being a branch counselor, but I got the ropes down.  Now I have to be a district leader.  I am nervous, but I think everything happens for a reason.  I know there is more that I need to learn and do, so I will just keep learning!

Love you guys so much.  Have a great week!

Elder Halverson


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