Week 41 – Teno, Chile

This past week has been pretty awesome!

On Saturday, we had this really cool training that we did.  Right now, we are working really hard to help everyone in the branch do their visits, whether it’s home or visiting teaching.  As a branch, we put on our own training and basically taught the members how to do visits, why they are important, and some key parts, etc.  It was great.  We all gave a little part, and then there was lots of participation from everyone.  It was more like a discussion.  I think everyone learned a lot, and I hope it will inspire them to do more with their visits.  I was kind of worried that no one would come, but we had a decent show.  Overall, it was a great experience.

Then the other day, we went over to this meros activos little completo restaurant.  His name is Diego and he’s pretty cool.  We’re working with him to try and get him coming back to church.  He has this little Chileno diner, so sometimes we stop there to eat.  He sells this really big churresco, which is pretty much this roast beef sandwich with tomato and avocado.  It’s really good.  Elder Smith said that one time he ate one all by himself, so I wanted to take him up on that challenge.  I bought one and ate it all!  In the beginning, I was loving it.  It was so delicious and tasty, but by the end, I felt like my stomach was about to explode, ha ha.  It was good overall.  Definitely worth it.

I’ve just been looking right now for a good little spiritual thought to share with you guys, and there’s one that caught my eye.  One of my favorite scriptures that I’ve grown to love is in Mormon 9:31.  Right now, Moroni is writing to those who don’t believe in Christ, and is telling the reader that he shouldn’t condemn the people who wrote this book for the weaknesses of the prophets, but rather we should learn from these men so that we can be “more wise than they have been.”  For me, that really called my  attention because when I think of prophets, I think of very intelligent men called of God to help us.  But right here, Moroni is full out admitting his errors, mistakes, etc., and is telling us, “I’m not perfect, so learn  from me.”  From this, I learn a couple of lessons.  Moroni is a fantastic example of humility.  He has been called of God to write in the Book of Mormon (a very, very important responsibility) as the LAST righteous person from the Nephites.  So for me, the fact that he admits his faults to us shows how humble that he was.

Another thing that I am realizing is that we can learn from everyone in one way or another.  Because everyone has strengths and things that they’re good at.  But also people have made mistakes before, so we need to learn from the mistakes of others, so that we don’t have to fail and learn for ourselves.  Basically, we should all try to take the good from everyone and leave the bad.  For me, I want to be better on this.  If we think, “yeah, I’m good, I don’t need anything from this comp, district leader, etc.,” then we are being ignorant.  If we are constantly trying to become better people, we will be humbled and realize that we are not perfect.  As Ether 12:27 says, that is our way to make weak things strong.  I know that all of us can become better people.  We need to just keep humbling ourselves and continue learning from EVERYTHING.

I love you guys a lot.  Have a great week!


Elder Halverson


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