Week 37 – Teno, Chile

This week has been a pretty solid week.

Remember the random Haitians that came to church last week?  We actually went back to visit them.  But the thing is, they don’t really speak any Spanish.  There is a recent convert in a ward from Curico who is Haitian and speaks perfect Spanish!  It was really cool.  On Saturday, we went to pick her up and then went back to Teno to see the Haitian people.  We got there, and to be honest, we hardly did any of the teaching; it was pretty much all Fafu, the recent convert.  And it was all really good at first.  She was basically teaching about Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon, and they were pretty receptive (we didn’t understand what was going on, because she was speaking Creole, so she paused the lesson a few times to catch us up, ha ha).

Then, she talked about the Plan of Salvation just a little bit, but as soon as she started, one of the Haitians stood up and started yelling and hollering back about it.  Turns out she was a very, very, very extreme Pentecostal lady, so it started to turn into a full out Bible bash!  Except the bad part was Elder Smith and I couldn’t calm down the situation because we didn’t speak their language!  (Plus it didn’t help that Fafu is more sassy than my sister Hannah, lol).  But eventually it died down, and apparently Fafu roasted them, but the good news is that they are going to read the Book of Mormon (Fafu brought one in Creole) and we are going to come back every Saturday to visit them.

So that was the  craziest thing that happened for sure, but I think for the rest of my letter, I’ll tell you about some of my favorite foods here in Chile.  My dad is coming down in August to go skiing (we won’t see each other, don’t worry!), but I made a list of the foods he needs to try.  I’ll share a few of these with ya’ll.

To start off with, there’s the most famous, completos.  Super good and super simple.  It’s basically just a hot dog with tomatoes, smashed avocado, and mayo on top.  Then you can add ketchup, mustard or hot sauce.  Also, they are cheap.  You can find completos for easy less than 2 bucks.  Then my personal favorite are empanadas del pino.  What it is is like this savory stuffed pastry with this delicious ground beef and sautéed onion mixture with an olive and a slice of hard boiled egg, all inside, then baked.  SO GOOD, even coming from a guy who hates olives and hard boiled eggs.  The next is called Pan Amasado!!!  It translates into “kneaded bread” but really just means homemade bread.  It’s this kind of circular disc bread, about 4 inches in diameter, with holes poked on top.  When it’s all warm and right out of the oven, it is so darn good.  Not all bakeries will have them, but when they do, it’s so good and so cheap.  You can get one for like 15 cents.  Throw some jam on that or ham and cheese – so delicious.  The only bad thing is that they hardly have peanut butter here, so you can’t make PB&Js.

Well, that’s about it guys.  I love it here and I am so grateful to be serving the Lord.  Have a good week!

Elder Halverson


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