Week 35 – Teno, Chile

Hey Guys!

Wow!  This week has seriously been awesome!

On Friday, the first counselors of the General Relief Society Presidency and the General Primary Presidency came to Rancagua to give a training!  Elder Smith and I are the counselors of the branch presidency here in Teno, and I work with the women’s organizations (RS, YW, Primary), so we were invited to go!  It was a fantastic training!  They divided the people into Relief Society and YW/Primary so Elder Smith and I went to the YW/Primary.  We had Bonnie H. Cordon train us.  It was seriously so good.  She talked about some things we can do to make us better leaders, how we can help the people in our organizations.  She gave her talk in English, but it was translated into Spanish for the members.  Elder Smith and I got all the jokes in English and laughed before everyone else.  It was hilarious.

It was kind of funny – at the beginning, she asked the people for each organization to stand up, as she said each one.  I basically had to stand up for all of them, but when we got to Young Women, and I stood up, she was like, “Look, we even have a young man working in YW!”  She called me out, ha ha!  It was kind of awkward.  But she really did a great job.  I was blown away.  I haven’t really had any opportunities to see the women’s side of the church, other than conference talks, but I am impressed.  Our leaders for the women are very, very good.  It was also cool because basically all the presidencies were there from all the stakes and districts of my mission.  I got to see all the members from Doñihue, my last sector!  I saw Hermano Willie!  It was so great to see him.  He teared up when he hugged me.  I love that guy.

Then on Saturday, we got to participate with the youth.  Every year there is a fundraiser to help burn victims, like a collaboration between the church and the organization.  We went to the church early and made breakfast for them, which was bread and eggs.  Then they went out to collect money.  It was great.  Then we went to Curico to participate in the stake family history activity.  We basically put on this little theater, to show what happens in the spirit world.  It was pretty good.  A good number of people came, so that was cool.  Then that night, we visited an investigator who worked at a sushi place, and she made us sushi!  It was fun.

Then on Sunday, we had a huge attendance!  There were two baby blessings, and an amazing testimony meeting.  The spirit was there so strong!  Then afterward, one of the families invited us to their party for lunch to celebrate the baby.  It was pretty good!  These members are converts, and it was definitely a real Catholic party, ha ha, but it was great.  It was the closest thing I’ve seen here in Chile to a classic Texas BBQ, lots of meat, potatoes, etc.

Overall, it was an awesome week!  Great things are happening here in Teno.  We get transfers this week, and I hope nothing changes.  Elder Smith and I have been going great.  This has been his third transfer in Teno, so it could be possible, but we’ll see.

Have a great week!


Elder Halverson

(P.S.  Click over to his website elderhalverson.com to see a fun video he shot while out on the streets.)


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