Week 34 – Teno, Chile

Hey guys!

This week has been pretty awesome.  Crazy, but awesome.

First of all, our water got cut last Thursday!  As a missionary, you get receipts and bills on the gate, then what you have to do is take them to the zone leaders, and they will take them to the mission office to be paid.  The problem with this is that we have forgotten to do it, ha ha, so we didn’t have water.  It was pretty lame!  We weren’t able to shower, do dishes, clean, etc.  We went to the church a few times to do sink showers and wash our hair!  And then we also had some 2 or 3 liter bottles that we filled up at the church to do dishes, clean, etc.  We finally got water last Monday.  It was pretty disgusting.

But then the next day, Tuesday, our electricity was cut!  So, sure, we could shower and do dishes, but at night we couldn’t see, ha ha.  The bigger problem is that here in Chile, house insulation doesn’t exist.  And it’s getting pretty cold down here.  The only thing that saves us is this little electric heater, but we didn’t have any electricity.  So for the whole week, we could see our breath in the house!  We kept calling the electric company, but they said there wasn’t anything they could do.  Then Saturday, they sent someone over, but all they could fix were the lights.  Last night, our branch president came and fixed it!  So now we are good, ha ha.  We have electricity AND water!

Also, this week, we had zone conference.  It was way good!  Pretty much what we did for that is we went to Curico, to the stake center.  Then all the missionaries from the two Curico zones came and we had presentations from our mission president, his wife, assistants, etc.  They are usually about how we can increase our teaching ability or improve as missionaries.  President Harris talked about personal study.  It was way good.  He related it to us in our teaching and stuff.  He also gave us a bunch of ideas on how we can focus our personal study.  It was great.  Then the assistants and the zone leaders did their stuff on the focus of the mission, which is working with members.  Then we also did little practices with our districts about it.  It was a really awesome zone meeting.  I learned a lot.

We also had interchanges this week, too.  I went to Rancagua with Elder Aguillar.  It was incredible!  We were contacting in this really nice area, and things were going pretty slow.  No one really wanted to hear from us, it was late, and we were tired.  So we stopped, said a prayer for guidance, and then continued.  Literally, the next house we went to a person came outside!!  Then we told him we were missionaries, and he let us in directly after that.  We sat down and talked with him.  HIs name was Juan.  He was super nice!  Then we gave him the lesson.  I basically just taught him about the restoration, and the Book of Mormon.  At the end, he just looked at us and said, “Wow, that makes sense!  I am going to read this book and ask if it’s true!”  It was absolutely amazing!!  He was the most really prepared and receptive investigator I have ever seen!  Now I know for sure that God does prepare people to receive his gospel.  We don’t know when, how, why, etc., but Christ is in all places, and at all times.  Miracles are real.  God really does answer our prayers.

I love you all!  Have a great week!


Elder Halverson


One thought on “Week 34 – Teno, Chile

  1. Yep! I was wondering when you were going to experience seeing your breath in the house! I experienced that for months in the winter. You wear your coat in the house! Crazy, but you will get through it, and laugh about it when you get home! It’s so weird to hear about Curico and Rancaugua so much from you! They were two of my favorite areas. I continue to wish you the best of luck in your missionary work and doing what the Lord has asked you to do. The blessings will come! Buena suerte and vaya con Dios!

    Hermana Whitaker 🙂 PS…..and don’t forget to turn in your water bill next time! Haha Sent from my iPhone



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