Week 33 – Teno, Chile

Hey guys!

This week has seriously been awesome.  First of all, we had a priesthood activity on Wednesday.  What we did is meet at the church and think about the families that are in need.  We then divided up and went to visit each of the families.  It was great.  I went with the branch president to visit a couple members.  It was really special.  I got to know him a lot better and definitely now know that he is a beast.  It is so awesome to be working with him.

We also had interchanges, too.  I went with Elder Gutierrez in his sector.  He is a great guy.  We had some lessons together, and even though we aren’t comps or we don’t know each other too well, we clicked!  It definitely showed me even more the power of the Holy Ghost in missions.  We really aren’t the ones teaching.  We are just instruments in God’s hands.  Overall, it was a good day with him.  I learned some good things from him.

Also, we have new investigators!!  Remember that drunk guy we met last week?  We had a lesson with him and his family!  It was so awesome!!  We basically just had a basic lesson about the love of God for us and the husband actually is inactive, but he remembered a lot of stuff.  He introduced his wife and his daughter to the Book of Mormon and we talked about baptism.  The spirit there was so strong, and the mom expressed a desire for her daughter to be baptized!  It was great.  We’re pumped to see them progress.

Have a great week!

Elder HalversonDSCN0890[1]IMG_7654IMG_7656IMG_7657IMG_7658IMG_7659IMG_7661

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