Week 32 – Teno, Chile

Hey Guys!

This week has been so awesome.  Things here in Teno are seriously amazing.  This past week, we had an interview with our mission president.  It was so sweet.  President Harris is such a good guy.  We mostly talked about our work here in Teno and he gave us some pretty good ideas to help us.  Overall, it was great.

Also this week, the missionary work has been fantastic!  We met some really good future investigators!  Last night, we were walking back to the house and there were two drunk guys calling us to come over.  Not going to lie, I was pretty scared.  They both had hands in their pockets, and I was really nervous, but we went with it.  It’s not unusual to have drunk guys talk to us, but usually we just pass by them.  This time, we went and talked to them.  I started talking to one of them, and Elder Smith talked to the other.  At first, I was a little apprehensive, but this guy started opening up.  He told me that he was the biggest drug dealer in Teno!  He talked about his life, too, and even though he was drunk, I felt impressed to keep talking with him.

We’ve talked to drunk people before, but this guy seemed different.  So we kept talking, and he said, “I want to change my life for Christ.  I’m ready to change.”  Then we handed him a Book of Mormon, and our number, and he almost cried!  Then the guy Smith was talking to turned out to be a less active who wants to come back to church, go to the temple, etc.  And even though they were totally drunk and a little freaky, we both really felt good about it (Smith and I).  It made us think about the story of our branch president here in Teno.  Like ten years ago, he was the same.  Just a bum in the street, with an alcohol addiction.  He talked to the missionaries and turned his life around.  Now he is one of the most faithful members and our branch president!

It just really helped me understand everyone’s potential.  Every single person, no matter who they are, can completely change their life through Christ.  Also, the Lord really protects his children and puts people who want to change where they need to be.  I don’t know where these guys will go, if they really are ready to change their lives, but as missionaries, it’s our job to look at people not as they are, but who they can become.  There is a Mormon Message from Dieter F. Uchtdorf about this topic.  I would love if you would look it up and watch it.  It’s a great video.

Also, it was Mother’s Day this weekend.  It was a lot of fun talking with the fam over Skype!  My mom, of course, was crying the whole time ;-), but overall it was great to see their faces and stuff.

Yesterday, we went to a family’s house for lunch and it was delicious.  We had some really good lunch.  They fed us lasagna and soup.  Then the dad pulled out this giant cake that he had made!  It was so delicious.  It was manjar, which is like this caramel thing, and then piña (pineapple).  We loved it!

Have a great week!  Love you!

Elder Halverson


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