Week 30 – Doñihue, Chile


Well, this week is transfers.  I am leaving!!  I will be going to Teno tomorrow in Curico.  My new companion is going to be Elder Smith, a white guy!  I am so pumped!  I have been in Doñihue for about six months now, and I am excited for a change.  Pretty much what will happen tomorrow, Tuesday, is all the missionaries in Rancagua will meet in the big bus station.  Then the zone leaders will work out who is coming or going, and they’ll just tell us which tickets to buy and what bus to board.  Curico is pretty south in the mission, so it’ll be pretty cold.  Definitely not looking forward to that, ha ha!

We had our last lunch yesterday with Hermano Willie.  It was a ton of fun just to talk and laugh with him and his family.  They are so great.  I am going to miss them a ton.  They are always so kind and nice to the missionaries.  Overall, Doñihue was a great experience.  It was a pleasure to work there.  It definitely was a hard sector, but I learned a ton there and made a ton of memories and friends.  Everything really does happen for a reason.  Whether it was good or bad, I am grateful for all the experiences in Doñihue.  I am excited to apply it to the rest of my mission and life.

Love you guys!

Elder Halverson


One thought on “Week 30 – Doñihue, Chile

  1. Hey Elder Halverson! I just wanted to let you know that Curico was the very last area I served in and I loved it! It is out in “el campo” so it’s full of very humble people that don’t have a lot. (At least it was like that 30 years ago 🙂 It was one of my favorite areas though, and I’m sure you will enjoy it. We did A LOT of walking but I met some great people and the country is very pretty. I’m sure you have discovered “el pan”…..I ate the most of that in Curico and got so fat! Haha….but it’s SO good. Best of luck to you and your new companion. Did you say he’s North American? I always loved getting them as companions! It made the hard times more bearable! It looks like you have embraced the culture and the language pretty well so far, and those are the hardest things to get used to. The mission will go fast, so enjoy every new adventure! We pray for you and all our boys.

    Take care, Janine Whitaker

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