Week 26 – Doñihue, Chile

Hello from the oooother siiiidee!

This past week was awesome.  We had our interviews with President Harris.  That guy is great.  We kind of just talked about the mission and stuff, and how it’s all going.  He also gave me some advice, too.  Overall, it was good.

General conference also happened, too.  It was so amazing.  We went to the church to watch it.  Overall, it was good, but the connection to the satellite broadcast was pretty bad.  It cut in and out a few times on us, so we missed a few of the talks.  But I was strengthened and I learned a lot from our great apostles.  I am so grateful that we have modern day revelation from God through our prophets.  And I know as we listen and apply their words to our lives, we will be more happy, and feel closer to God.

Love you guys.  Have a great week!


Elder HalversonDSCN0652[1]DSCN0653[1]

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