Week 25 – Doñihue, Chile

¡Hola amigitos!

This week has been pretty dope.  I got a new comp!  His name is Elder Rodriguez!  He’s so dope.  He’s from Mexico and he’s so cool.  He has about 18 months in the mission.  He’s a great guy.  I’m excited to work with him this change.

Also, Elder Viola had an idea this week.  It’s in relation to mate, my favorite drink, lol.  We bought a pineapple and we cut it in half, then we carved it out, added the herbs and juice to it.  It was so friggin’ good!!!  The drink itself is really weird, but it’s so delicious.

It was Viola’s birthday this week, too.  On his birthday, we went to Hermano Willie’s house.  Elder Viola’s mom wanted him to celebrate his birthday for him.  So Hermano Willie bought a cake, and made us choripanes.  It was pretty dope!  But we ate so much food!  It was so funny.  He even got a pikachu on his cake because of his onesie of pikachu!  Hermano Willie is so great to us.

Our investigator, Migulina is not doing too great health wise.  We stopped by and only stayed for like three minutes because she had to rest.  The branch is starting to improve, too.  We have a new branch mission leader, and I think he will be good.  I’m excited to see.

Overall, it was a great week.  I hope you all had a great week.  Looking forward to general conference.


Elder Halverson


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