A little something extra…

Click over to Elder Halverson’s blog to see a video of the missionaries driving the horse and carriage.  Scroll to the bottom of the Week 23 post to see it!

One thought on “A little something extra…

  1. Well Elder Halverson, you are becoming a true Chilean! Quite the caballero you are! Haha
    These pictures are great, and it looks like you have embraced the culture and the lovely Chilean people. That’s really all you need, and you will get back all the love and service you give to them a thousand times more. You look happy and full of joy! I know there are hard days too, but just keep that strong faith you have and you will see the Lord’s blessings in every hard or happy day you have! You are representing well, McKay. Your mom is getting better, I think. Haha….I know she’s counting the days, hours and minutes until you return (like all of us moms) but I also know that she’s proud beyond words of your bravery and willingness to serve the Lord in such an excellent way. “Vaya con Dios,” my friend! Much Love,
    Janine Whitaker


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