Week 22 – Doñihue, Chile

Hey Everybody!

Things are going pretty good here.  This past week was pretty solid.  First, we had a zone conference on Tuesday.  That was pretty cool.  President Harris is so great.  First, we talked a lot about repentance and how we can apply it to ourselves and our investigators.  Then we talked about how we can be more consecrated.  Overall, it was a great time, and I learned a ton.

Also, this past week I discovered mate!!  It’s really interesting.  It’s like this drink that they do here.  It’s kind of like this herb that you put in a cup and then you add like juice hot water or whatever.  It’s not really tea or anything, but it is similar (but it’s not against the Word of Wisdom).  It’s strange.  It’s really bitter, but it’s honestly pretty darn good.

Overall, it was a good week.  Thanks for reading!

Love you guys,

Elder Halverson

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