Week 20 – Doñihue, Chile

This week was pretty dope!  Elder Bernal and I are going crazy with work.  We have been contacting like crazy, and so far it’s been paying off.  We have met a lot of new people and we are very hopeful!  It’s a lot of work though.  Almost all day, we are just knocking doors and trying to talk to as many people as will listen to us.

Something else that we have been focusing on is working with members.  We know that if we strengthen our relationship with them that they will be more willing to come to lessons with us and give us referrals.  I never realized how key members are for missionary work.

I really like Elder Bernal.  He’s helping me to be more sincere with the investigators and the members.  It’s really helping me build a lot closer friendship with our branch, as well as with the people we teach.  He’s a great guy.

We also had a really cool experience this week.  We were contacting the other day and we passed by a viejo (old man) and he was just outside, so we started to talk to him.  As soon as we walked up to him, he just got super mad and yelled at us how much he hates Mormons and said we were evil and devils and stuff.  So we just said okay, bye, and continued contacting.  But every house we tried, he just said, “No hay nadie,” which means there’s no one there.

We were kind of annoyed, but we both got an impression that we should go back and talk to him, so we did.  And when we went back, he was walking into his house and then we just asked him two things — “What is your name?” and “How can we help you?”  Then he came back and told us his life story.  He told us about his bad experiences with missionaries before and about his health problems.  But we ended up giving him a Book of Mormon and he told us that we could come back whenever we want.

It was pretty powerful to me and helped me realize that we shouldn’t judge others, that we don’t know how others feel or what they go through.  I’ll admit, when he yelled at us, I just thought that he was just a crazy old man.  But when he told us his life, I grew to respect him, and even love and empathize with him.  It was humbling for me to recognize that he’s a child of God.  He has a family, and God and Jesus love him as much as they love everyone else.  I need to apply this all the time.  When we meet people that may seem bad or mean, we should love them anyway, and maybe when we do it, they will be able to recognize this love, this light of Christ.

Well, that’s about all.  Have a great week, ya’ll!


Elder Halverson


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