Week 18 – Doñihue, Chile

Well, this past week was pretty great!

It was my last week of training!  This means that I’m getting a new companion tomorrow. My comp right now, Elder Llavilla, is heading to the zone north of us to be a zone leader. Elder Thomson, one of the guys in our house, is heading to the same zone, as well.  Elder Viola is going to be training, but we don’t know who he will get yet.  He will be brand new.

My new companion will be Elder Bernal.  He’s from Mexico and he’s been here for about 18 months.  From what I’ve heard, he’s a pretty good guy and a great missionary, so I’m excited. I am a little sad to see Llavilla go. He really has been a great comp. Overall I give a lot of my improvement to him, just for the help that he has given me.

It was also funny, so this past week I had my birthday on Saturday.  We didn’t really do much, but the next day at a lunch appointment, my companion blurted out, “Elder Halverson had his birthday yesterday!”  So then Hermano Willie (the dad of the family who was feeding us) just pulls a birthday cake with candles out of the fridge!  They didn’t plan it or anything, it was nuts, LOL!  They sang feliz cumpleaños and all that.

Apparently, one of the traditions of Chile is to take a bite of the cake with your mouth, so I did it.  But then I got my face shoved in the cake, ha ha.  Overall, it was a great birthday, and a great week.

I honestly cannot believe how fast all this is going. I can´t believe that I’m 19 and that I have four months on the mish. Its been a blast and I am learning a ton. The work is hard and its tough to stay positive sometimes, but I love it. Its such a privilege to be here. I am so glad and I know this is where I am supposed to be. I am learning a lot about the Book of Mormon. I really now know that it is true, and the blessings that it brings. There’s a ton that I love, but one of my favorite chapters right now is Moroni 7. Read it if you have a chance. Those attributes that are in there are something that I am striving to improve. But its all good.

¡Disfruten su semana! Con amor,

Elder Halverson





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