Week 14 – Doñihue, Chile

This week has been so great!  We finally got our bikes back.  We’ve been without bikes for about three weeks.  They were so bad and messed up, so they were being fixed up.  But now they are awesome.  About three-fourths of the mission bikes were changed up because of how bad they were.

We also had our interviews with the mission president, as well.  It was great.  Basically, it’s just an opportunity to talk about how the mission is going and really ask about anything.  He is so awesome, and very wise.  We pretty much talked about how to be a better missionary and he gave me a lot of advice, too.  It was really great.

My comp and I have been doing a lot more practices for teaching lessons, and I think it is helping a lot.  I am able to share a lot more in the lessons, and it is really improving my Spanish, as well.  I feel like our companionship studies have gotten better, which is definitely improving our unity in lessons.  It’s cool to see this difference in our lessons and how we’re both growing.

Overall, the sector is improving.  We’ve been trying to meet new people to help and teach.  It’s going pretty well.  We are teaching a fair amount of lessons and all, but the hard part is keeping everyone progressing.  I think that as we find and meet more people, we’ll find someone who is ready to hear our message.  Unfortunately, that means a lot of knocking on doors, ha ha.  But I know that the Lord will help us with this.  And if we just keep doing what we’re doing and working, we will have success, and the strength to do it.  Sometimes it’s not easy and it’s tough, but I know that with faith and some effort, God will help us out.  (This applies to more than just the mission, too).

Well, that’s about it.  Thanks for your support!


¡Elder Halverson!


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