Week 17 – Doñihue, Chile

Hey guys!

So this past week has been pretty solid.  On Wednesday, we had a worldwide missionary broadcast.  It was pretty good.  The first part was more about how we can improve our lessons and what we can do better.  But the second part was a schedule change.

Basically, what’s going on is we have a ton more freedom to choose the things we do in our day.  We still have to do personal study every morning, but for the rest of our studies, we can choose when to do it.  It’s also crazy, we now sleep in until 7:30 a.m., but we stay out a half hour more.  We return home between 10 and 10:30 p.m.  It’s interesting how the idea of this schedule change is to give us more freedom to choose how we spend our time.  It’s actually pretty good because it makes planning a lot more effective, and most important, it gives us more time to go out and work.  Overall, I’m a fan of it.

Also, this past week, my companion has been making me start off the lessons and study to see where it goes.  He’s trying to teach me a lot more, as well.  Before, I would sit there and follow his lead, just giving a part of the lesson here and there.  I’ve been nervous because I don’t want to mess up a lesson, but it’s teaching me so much.  It’s improving my teaching skills, as well as Spanish.  He’s really awesome.  He’s helping me a ton and giving me lots of opportunities.  Transfers are next week.  He will probably be transferred and I’ll get a new comp.  He’s a great guy.  He’s a lot of fun, as well as a good missionary.

The wild fires are still burning here in Chile.  The smoke is ridiculous.  It’s crazy.  They are not too close to us, so we are all safe.

My favorite thing this week has been realizing how much more comfortable I am than I was two months ago.  I was so sad at that time, and homesick, but now this is my life and I love it.  I could not imagine myself anywhere else.  It’s awesome.

Well, that’s it.  Love you guys!

Elder Halverson



Week 16 – Doñihue, Chile

Sup, people!

This week has been full of interesting things.  I had my first zone conference on Tuesday.  It was pretty awesome.  The main focus of it was on the Doctrine of Christ, and we focused on how we can always bring the lessons back, whatever they are, to this focus.  It was great.  We even had one of the investigators with a baptism date who came and we all taught her one of the points of the doctrines of Christ.  It was a really great conference overall, lots of practice and a ton of notes taken.  President Harris is awesome!  He gave us all some great advice to improve so we can progress as missionaries.

Nothing else really cool happened, ha ha.  But this week Elder Llavilla and I are continuing to work hard and go out every day and invite all others to come unto Christ.  Some days are easier to do it than others, but I know that it’s worth it.  Sometimes it’s difficult to do this, but I know the Lord will help us and He will give us success.  We just have to put our all into it and lose ourselves in the work, and we are going to be okay.  People are going to recognize the blessings.

So we’re just going to continue on working!  Have a great week, ya’ll.


Elder Halverson


Week 15 – Doñihue, Chile

Hey Everyone!

This week has been pretty awesome!  This week, we had companionship exchanges and I was with Elder Carneiro.  He’s great!  He’s from Brazil.  I learned a lot from him.  We had one lesson together.  It was really great.  He let me do a lot of explaining, ha ha, but it was good because I feel like we taught more in unity.  I was a little nervous though because they asked a question, and I looked to Elder Carneiro, and he just kept his mouth shut.  So I answered, but it was actually not a half bad answer!  It really boosted my confidence because usually Elder Llavilla will just answer, but I was glad for the opportunity.  He’s a great zone leader and a really good guy.

We also went to a branch activity there and I was talking to a member who served his mission in Provo, Utah!  It was crazy because he’s from Chile and he speaks perfect English.  He’s also a huge NFL fan, so we were talking about football a lot, as well.  So that was pretty awesome, ha ha.

The other day, Elder Llavilla and I were out contacting, and we saw these three drunk guys, and they wanted to talk to us, so we went over for a bit.  They were talking so fast and slurring words, so I had no clue what they were saying.  Llavilla later told me they were swearing up a storm, lol.  But one of them had the funniest shirts I have seen since I’ve been here.  (I took a picture with the guy, lol.)

Well, that’s about it.  Thanks guys for your support.  I love you guys!


Elder Halverson


Week 14 – Doñihue, Chile

This week has been so great!  We finally got our bikes back.  We’ve been without bikes for about three weeks.  They were so bad and messed up, so they were being fixed up.  But now they are awesome.  About three-fourths of the mission bikes were changed up because of how bad they were.

We also had our interviews with the mission president, as well.  It was great.  Basically, it’s just an opportunity to talk about how the mission is going and really ask about anything.  He is so awesome, and very wise.  We pretty much talked about how to be a better missionary and he gave me a lot of advice, too.  It was really great.

My comp and I have been doing a lot more practices for teaching lessons, and I think it is helping a lot.  I am able to share a lot more in the lessons, and it is really improving my Spanish, as well.  I feel like our companionship studies have gotten better, which is definitely improving our unity in lessons.  It’s cool to see this difference in our lessons and how we’re both growing.

Overall, the sector is improving.  We’ve been trying to meet new people to help and teach.  It’s going pretty well.  We are teaching a fair amount of lessons and all, but the hard part is keeping everyone progressing.  I think that as we find and meet more people, we’ll find someone who is ready to hear our message.  Unfortunately, that means a lot of knocking on doors, ha ha.  But I know that the Lord will help us with this.  And if we just keep doing what we’re doing and working, we will have success, and the strength to do it.  Sometimes it’s not easy and it’s tough, but I know that with faith and some effort, God will help us out.  (This applies to more than just the mission, too).

Well, that’s about it.  Thanks for your support!


¡Elder Halverson!


Week 13 – Doñihue, Chile


Sorry I don’t have a letter this week.  The computer is jank and the drive isn’t working when I plug it in.  It was a good week.  The district leaders had a meeting so I was with the other district leader`s comp and he is brand new.  We had to go contacting and it was really cool to see what I know in Spanish and what I need to improve on because I was the only one who talked since he was so new.

Best part of Christmas was talking with the fam for sure!  New Year’s was good.  We had to go in early but some members brought us some food, which was so nice!

Language is coming along.  I feel like I can understand a lot, but speaking is the hard thing for me.  I think I’m doing pretty good. I always want to be moving forward. I think I’m ok, but I just want to be better.  I just need to keep trying and learning.

Love you guys.  Have a great week!

Elder Halverson

(Mom note:  No full letter this week – the above is highlights from our email chat with McKay.  He’s doing so great.  I received the photo from another mom on the Rancagua Facebook page.  Happy to see his cute face!)