Week 12 – Doñihue, Chile

¡Hola Amigos!  Feliz Navidad!

I hope ya’ll had a merry Christmas.  It was definitely awesome here.  It started for us on Christmas Eve when we went to a member’s house.  It was so great.  We talked with him and played some games, then we had dinner.  We ate so much food!  We had a big ole BBQ with so much meat and potatoes and bread.  It was so crazy.  They gave us this salsa that was made with lamb’s blood!  It was actually pretty good.

Chileans just love to pile more and more food on your plate.  They gave us so much that when no one was looking, I shoved two of the pieces of meat in my pocket, LOL.

After that, I seriously couldn’t eat another bite, but then they brought out dessert!  Thankfully, it was only fruit, but I felt like I was going to barf, LOL.  It was so fun.  They are so nice and I was very grateful.

Christmas day was awesome, as well.  We went to church and went to another member’s house for lunch.  That was fun, too.  Then I got to Skype the fam!  That was so awesome.  Overall, it was a great Christmas day in the mish.

Thank you everyone.  Love you all!  Feliz Navidad!


Elder Halverson


Week 11 – Doñihue, Chile

Sup, Amigos!

I can’t believe that it’s almost Christmas (Wooooo!!!!)  It’s great though because we’re able to teach and focus on Christ.  The new video that the church came out with is awesome.  It’s such a great tool to use to be able to transition into our lessons.  The video is called Light the World.  If you haven’t seen it yet, I would highly recommend it.  It’s just a short little video about Christmas, but it’s really powerful.

This week,  one of the elders in my house, Elder Thomson, got a “Bop It” toy from his parents.  We are all obsessed with it, ha ha.  It’s like the only game that we have, so to us it’s like the funnest thing ever.  My comp especially loves it.  This little toy has voices and phrases that it says when you win or lose, so my comp says them all the time, ha ha.  Like last night, I was just about to fall asleep, then I heard, “Bop It to start!”  He was playing it at like 11:30!  It was pretty funny.

My comp, Elder Llavilla is awesome though.  We’re always joking around with each other.  Like the other day, the other elders in our house were on exchanges with their district leader.  And while he was here, he thought we actually had problems because we were always roasting each other and teasing.  But that’s just who we are.  At the same time, we both work really hard, and he pushes me to be the best I can be.  He’s helping me a lot with Spanish, and I am helping him with English.  I think the most helpful thing is his lack of English because I really have to immerse myself in Spanish.  It’s been great.  I’ve learned a lot.

This past week, I’ve gained a better testimony of following the spirit.  I’ve only been out here for about a month, but during this time, I’ve learned so much about the importance of it.  God gives us little promptings or feelings that we need to act on.  Sometimes it’s a door to knock on or a scripture to share.  This is how my comp has been showing me how to teach – through the spirit.  Our job as missionaries is to help show our investigators how to have real experiences with the Holy Ghost – because investigators gain a knowledge and a testimony through this, not through us.  And it’s so powerful for me because I don’t have a perfect knowledge, but God does.  And if we have faith in him, He will help us with whatever troubles and difficulties we have.

Thanks, ya’ll.  I hope and pray you are all good.  Have a merry Christmas!


Elder Halverson


Week 10 – Doñihue, Chile

Well, I am now ONE MONTH into Chile!  Holy cow, I can’t believe it.  It’s awesome.  I love Chile!  It’s so great.

This week has been great, as well.  On Tuesday, our zone went with the other Rancagua zone to an old folk’s home.  We sang songs to them and talked with all of them.  It was really fun.  There was also a little Christmas program at our branch.  There weren’t many people there, so we just sang carols and watched a Christmas video.  But someone painted this great mural of the nativity and it looked so cool!

Also, with the branch, every Tuesday we play soccer.  It’s nuts how good they all are.  Even the 50-year-old men are juking people out and stuff.  Soccer is life here, ha ha!  I’m getting better.  I usually just play goalie, and they shoot the ball.  But I can now kinda block, lol.  It’s all good.  It’s a lot of fun.

We had a lot of activities this week, too.  We went to the mission home for a class with all the guys who have been out a month in the mission.  It was so great because I was able to see all my friends from the MTC.  We also learned a lot, too.  President Harris is so awesome.  He talked a lot about strengthening yourself through your lessons and attitude.  He is so good at making it personal, but for the whole group.  He is a great teacher.

My favorite part of this week though was contacting.  One of the church buildings in our zone was having an “Open Church” where you could go learn more about the church and our beliefs.  Our job was to be assigned to a street and try to contact people to come.  The only thing was, the district leaders had to be in the church to guide, so I was with the other district leader’s comp.  He only has one change more than me, so both of our Spanish was pretty jank.  But it was great because it was a lot of practice.  We talked to a lot of people.  It was kinda awkward in the beginning, but the more we did it, the more confidence we gained.  We even handed out a few Books of Mormon, as well.  I think we both took away a lot from it.  I know I did.  He was a gringo, so we were able to relate to each other and talk about our experiences.  Overall, it was an awesome experience.

Love you all and have a great week!


Elder Halverson


Week 9 – Doñihue, Chile

What’s up, ya’ll?!

This last week seriously has gone so fast.  I can’t believe I’ve been out here for three weeks!  Just crazy.

This week has been great though.  On Tuesday, we went on companion exchanges because my comp is the district leader.  It was cool.  I was with Elder Dominguez for a day.  He’s a great dude.  I learned a lot of things from him.  We went to an investigator’s house and we shared with her the Family Proclamation.  It was amazing.  I talked more during this lesson than I have ever talked.  The spirit was so strong, and I shared my testimony on families, and I think she could feel the spirit, as well.

Spanish is also continuing to improve.  It really helps having a native speaker as a comp because I can really hone in on the right way to speak.  I told him that since he is helping me with Spanish, I will teach him English.  It’s pretty funny because the only English he really knows is songs and cuss words, ha ha.  But we’re both getting better every day.

I also had a new food this week.  It’s called “mote con huesillo” (pictures below).  What it is pretty much is this sugary, sweet drink with these oat/wheat things and cow’s…well, you can probably guess…testicle.  I tried the liquid, and it was actually pretty good.  Then my comp made me try the other “thing” in it.  It was horrible.  I only took a small bite, but it was so nasty!  One of the worst things ever, LOL.

We also saw this nasty tarantula!  Luckily, it was dead, but when I saw it, I was freaking terrified!  I know, I’m such a pansy when it comes to spiders.  I’m just hoping that I don’t find any in the apartment.

But it’s all good here.  It’s getting pretty hot, too.  It’s not horrible, but just riding bikes all day makes it burning!

Well, thank you everybody.  Love you all!  Have a great week!

Elder Halverson