Week 4 – Mexico City CCM

¡Hola Amigos!

Another fantastic week in the books, and it has been my favorite so far!  Less than two weeks until I’m in the field, and I CANNOT WAIT!  I am so ready to go.  My district and I all joke around that we’ve been here for years, but it really does feel like it.

Spanish is continuing to get easier.  This week, I’ve been working specifically on conjugating verbs for different tenses.  It’s annoying because there’s several different versions for past tense and then different conjugations for each verb ending, so it kinda sucks, ha ha.  But I’m getting better at it, the more I study.

Our lessons are getting better, as well.  The teachers are making it harder on us by being difficult investigators, but it is good because this is how it will be in the field.  On Saturday, we also did this activity called TRC, which is when they bring real people (volunteer members, usually) and they play themselves, and we have to teach them.  I was really nervous since they’re not MTC workers or anything.

However, it was awesome.  My companion and I were sitting in the room waiting for the people, when all of a sudden, three little primary kids walked in!  They were who we taught!  It was so cool, but it threw us off.  The oldest one was maybe 11 or 12.  It was cool because it forced us to make the lesson more simple and easy for kids to understand.  Our lesson was about Jesus, and His influence on us.  It was so funny – we asked one of the kids who Jesus is, and then she said, “¡Mi Salvador!” and then she dabbed!!!  It was hilarious.  My comp and I both died.  But overall, it was such a cool experience.  We’ll do it one more time before we leave, and I cannot wait.

Also, another funny story.  There’s this guy in my apartment named Elder Shumway.  He’s from my stake at home.  Anyway, he was showering and his shampoo was resting on the shelf by this little opaque window.  Whenever you hit the window slightly, the shampoo would fall down.  We kept doing that to him and then he got mad and told us to stop.  He smacked the window super hard and it shattered!!  It was insane!  He needed five stitches. He didn’t even notice until we told him.  He’s fine though.  Luckily, they replaced it that day, and we didn’t have to do anything.  From what it sounds like, that happens all the time.

Well, thank you so much for your prayers and emails!  I am so grateful for all of you and I really appreciate all of you!  Have a great week!

¡Hasta Semana!

Elder Halverson


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