Week 1 – Mexico City CCM


This first week has been awesome!  The first few days here were very slow, but after that it has flown by.  Each day is super busy, mostly doing a lot of language and gospel classes.  Our teachers here all told us that they hardly speak any English, ha ha!  It was also crazy that we taught our first investigator on the second day in SPANISH!  I’ll be honest, learning the language sucks lol, but i have learned A TON.  Me and my companion are at the point where we don’t have any notes for the lesson with the investigator.

My companion is from Utah, and we get along great.  His name is Elder Leatherwood.  My district is AWESOME!!  It’s a bunch of different personalities, but we all get along great.  It’s crazy, the second day here, I was called to be district leader.  I couldn’t believe it.  But then a few days later, I was called as a zone leader.  I’ve been trying to do what you said, just work and serve.  So it was a crazy first few days.  It’s been eye opening how much I’ve felt the spirit here.

Gym time is definitely my favorite part of the day, ha ha, because we’re usually cooped up in a stuffy classroom all day, so it’s good to run around and exercise.  We usually play basketball, but sometimes we’ll play volleyball with the hermanas.

I enjoy being a zone leader.  We don’t really do much, but we’re mostly just going to meetings and teaching on Sundays.  Our branch president is pretty cool, too.  I can’t really understand what he’s saying (even when he speaks English, lol) but he helps us out a lot.  Also, I had to give a talk this past Sunday in Spanish.  It went pretty bad, ha ha, but I felt the spirit a ton.

The CCM is an awesome place!  It used to be a school so it’s pretty open with pretty buildings.  There’s like no A/C so it’s pretty hot all the time.  Even the food isn’t that bad so far.

As I’ve been here, I’ve felt the spirit so much.  I’ve experienced the gift of tongues here, and I know it’s true.  Also, we pray a ton, as well.  I think the difference from what I used to do is that I’m trying to pray more sincerely.  I’ve definitely strengthened my communication with Heavenly Father as I’ve been here and I’ve felt the blessings of it.

Well, I have to go.  Love you guys!

Elder Halverson


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