Week 3 – Mexico City CCM

¡Hola everybody!

This was a great week!  I can’t believe this is my fourth week here already.  This week has flown by.  The first week or so was so slow, but now all of a sudden, I’m over halfway done here!  The CCM is very nice, but I can’t wait to get out into the field.

Spanish is getting better.  As a district, we’ve been doing “Sólo Español” days, where we go half or a whole day just speaking Spanish.  It has really been helpful.  In class, we’ve also had more discussions, so it’s more practice in Spanish and the gospel.  The other day, we sat by the Latino missionaries during lunch.  They are so funny!  We were dying the whole time, but all their jokes are so stupid, lol.  They do stuff like from middle school, and they think it’s the funniest thing.  They also taught us some “street Spanish,” but when we told our teacher, she was like, “Don’t say this.  Las palabras es muy mal.” (those words are very bad), lol.  It was pretty funny.

We’ve also continued to play soccer in gym time.  It’s so fun!  I’m pretty good at scoring, but I can’t dribble to save my life.  We call my companion, “The Wall” because every time someone tries to dribble around him, they literally bounce off him.  We haven’t had any injuries yet, but at least once every day, someone gets hit in the face.  LOL.

We also all have nicknames for each other.  Mine is Halvey.  We call Elder Stevenson (who is a total country boy), Vaquero, which means cowboy.

As a district, we’ve all become such good friends.  I love everyone in my district!  The hermanas in our district are so savage though, lol.  It’s good though, they keep us on track, ha ha.  Everyone has such a  good testimony.  I’ve really learned a lot from all of them.  After devotionals, we have discussions where we talk about what we learned, and it is really cool to hear everyone’s perspective and why they’re here.

Anyway, thank you for all the emails you guys send!  I’m sorry I’m not able to respond to all of them, but I really appreciate it!

Hasta Semana!

Elder Halverson


Week 2 – Mexico City CCM


This second week has flown by!  It’s definitely starting to pick up the pace now.  This has been a great week.  Learned a ton more and had a lot of great experiences.  Can’t believe I’m approaching the three week mark soon.  Spanish is coming along pretty good.  It’s really hard, but I really enjoy learning it.  The other day, I met someone from Chile and he was telling me about Rancagua and the Spanish there.  I told him to say something with a Chilean accent, and when he said it, I couldn’t understand anything he said, LOL.  Sometimes I feel like I’m on fire with the language and that I could go in the field right now, then other times I’m like what the frick did he just say, LOL.  But overall it’s coming great.

As a district, we’ve started playing soccer together, to get good, and it is SO FUN!!  We’re all pretty bad, but it’s definitely our favorite thing to do out here.  I usually just chill by the other goal so I can score, ha ha.

I’m also somewhat able to keep up with sports.  Every time a new wave of noobies come in, I’m always asking them about BYU and the Patriots, LOL.

Spiritually-wise, the most important thing I’ve learned this week is the significance of a testimony.  Usually, when we’re teaching a fake investigator, and we run out of things to say, I just bear my testimony or say the things that I know are true.  Something I’ve noticed is that this is sometimes the best part of the lesson.  I think when the message is coming from the heart, and not just something I’ve memorized, it makes a big impact.

Sundays are like the best day here though.  No classes or anything.  Never in my life did I expect to say church would be the best part of the week, ha ha.  It’s definitely a different kind of happiness, and sometimes it really sucks.  I feel overwhelmed and frustrated at myself, mostly because of Spanish.  But on the other hand, it’s really rewarding to be out here.  I know this is making me a better person.  To be serving the Lord at this level is something I’ve never done.  I’m so glad to be out here doing it because even in these short two weeks, I’ve already felt the blessings and joy of missionary work.

Thank you all for the emails you send me!  Tell everyone thank you so much.  I always have a lot of emails.  Last week, I could hardly write to everyone.  I love you all and will talk to you next week.

Elder Halverson


Week 1 – Mexico City CCM


This first week has been awesome!  The first few days here were very slow, but after that it has flown by.  Each day is super busy, mostly doing a lot of language and gospel classes.  Our teachers here all told us that they hardly speak any English, ha ha!  It was also crazy that we taught our first investigator on the second day in SPANISH!  I’ll be honest, learning the language sucks lol, but i have learned A TON.  Me and my companion are at the point where we don’t have any notes for the lesson with the investigator.

My companion is from Utah, and we get along great.  His name is Elder Leatherwood.  My district is AWESOME!!  It’s a bunch of different personalities, but we all get along great.  It’s crazy, the second day here, I was called to be district leader.  I couldn’t believe it.  But then a few days later, I was called as a zone leader.  I’ve been trying to do what you said, just work and serve.  So it was a crazy first few days.  It’s been eye opening how much I’ve felt the spirit here.

Gym time is definitely my favorite part of the day, ha ha, because we’re usually cooped up in a stuffy classroom all day, so it’s good to run around and exercise.  We usually play basketball, but sometimes we’ll play volleyball with the hermanas.

I enjoy being a zone leader.  We don’t really do much, but we’re mostly just going to meetings and teaching on Sundays.  Our branch president is pretty cool, too.  I can’t really understand what he’s saying (even when he speaks English, lol) but he helps us out a lot.  Also, I had to give a talk this past Sunday in Spanish.  It went pretty bad, ha ha, but I felt the spirit a ton.

The CCM is an awesome place!  It used to be a school so it’s pretty open with pretty buildings.  There’s like no A/C so it’s pretty hot all the time.  Even the food isn’t that bad so far.

As I’ve been here, I’ve felt the spirit so much.  I’ve experienced the gift of tongues here, and I know it’s true.  Also, we pray a ton, as well.  I think the difference from what I used to do is that I’m trying to pray more sincerely.  I’ve definitely strengthened my communication with Heavenly Father as I’ve been here and I’ve felt the blessings of it.

Well, I have to go.  Love you guys!

Elder Halverson